Tuesday, November 15, 2005

out and about

Hibernation: \Hi`ber*na"tion\, noun. The act of retiring into inactivity. (from Webster's Online Dictionary)

or in my case, it's:
a. i've been really busy,
b. i didn't have internet access for the longest time,
c. i'm just too dang lazy to write, or
d. all of the above

yeah, well, your guess is as good as mine. ^_~

Rants and Raves

i really didn't want to start my blog entry by ranting but i just can't help it. would you believe i had a two-week vacation (school's semestral break) and the only time i went out was to visit our relatives' graves?!? (oh, and that one time i went to the gym)

my friend told me i was such a good girl to stay at home the whole time. what she didn't know was i was itching to go out but i just can't because...I DIDN'T HAVE MONEY!!! waaaah!! yeah, i still have my salary but what's left of it isn't even enough to pay for my insurance...which, by the way, i haven't paid in full yet. and i'm past the deadline already. it's a good thing i have an excellent record. at least my insurance company agreed to extend my deadline till the end of this month.


it's times like these that i really miss my old salary...and then i remember all the crazy hours, stressful work, and sleepless nights and i don't miss my IT days anymore. haha!

ok, ok. enough ranting already.

onto the raving now...

It Mask Be Halloween

our school had our annual Halloween party last Oct. 21. it was such a blast! the kids were adorable in their costumes. we had a chubby Annie, a very hungry Peter Pan, a shy pineapple, a flitting butterfly, and a tiny elf.

the teachers wore a simple costume - all black (with a bit of bling) and a shiny eye mask.

our class was in charge of providing entertainment. we chose to hire a juggler/unicyclist. he certainly lived up to his reputation and almost cost me a heart attack with some of his stunts on his unicycle (particularly the one where he propped one of our students on his shoulders and steered his unicycle around the room). there were a number of parents who asked for his contact info so i guess that's means we made the right decision. :)

we were also in charge of the Drinking Game for all the mommies. it was fun! they had to finish a cup filled with grape juice and gummi worms.

yesterday, i attended a birthday party of my student at Little Gym, El Pueblo. it was my first time in Little Gym and i was pretty impressed. if i had a child, i would want him/her to enroll there, too...of course, i'd need a rich husband for that...

A Few Sleeps To Go!

i just watched the HBO premiere of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. argh! i can't wait! it's opening this wednesday, ahead of most countries, i think (hah!). i'm watching it with my youngest sister this coming friday. woopee!

Doggone It!

the previous Sunday, we dressed up Mico, the youngest member of our family. oh and in case you're wondering, he's a two-year old Mini Pin. hehe.

my sister, Tonet, bought this adorable jumpsuit for him. although he's a small dog and the jumpsuit is a size medium, we were still crossing our fingers that it'll fit. he's pretty chubby for his breed.

thankfully, we were able to secure the suit in place without any buttons popping out. hm, a snug fit. ^_^