Saturday, November 01, 2008


i love Halloween.

though this goulish holiday isn't celebrated here as much as it is in other countries, i still enjoy the whole experience.  especially since i get a kick out of scaring people (a.k.a. my students).  yeah, yeah, i'm mean.  but my kids still love me so i'm not complaining.  not that i bribe them with candy (trick-or-treating is an exception).

the ballerina and pink fairy
oohh...the lights

most of my Halloween partying happen in school.  from the weekly theme to our special activity: trick-or-treating.  i so enjoy seeing my students in costumes.  

all aboard the Halloween bus!

going trick-or-treating around school

it's hilarious that, even if they're sweaty and their outfits are pretty uncomfortable, most of them refuse to take their costumes off, even during outdoor play.

her favorite ride

oh, i was a (fat) spider by the way.  check out my ginormous spider eyes!

the culmination of our Halloween celebration is the school-wide party.  this year's was held at the Greenmeadows clubhouse.  the parents, kids, and teachers all came in costumes.  it was pretty fun, especially since a lot of families were so game.  the theme was saving the environment - Happy Hallowgreen!

have no fear, the Justice League is here!
they were great sports
 she's such a cutie pie :)

the highlights of the event were definitely the children's parade and the magic show.  my students were mesmerized by this year's guest magician (who did a terrific job of hosting the whole show).
after d dumped ribbons on her big cousin's hair

all in all, the party was a success.  congrats to the LEAP teachers! boooooo!!