Thursday, September 18, 2008

what's up, ketchup?

it's been eons since i last posted here. (more than a year in fact!)

a lot has happened since. but i promised myself that i'll only focus on the good parts (no more drama, please...). so, in a nutshell, i present to you some of the highlights of the year that passed:

DLSU is the UAAP 2007 Champion!
and we watched the final game live! :D

photos from the Animo Victory Party

with "the man," Coach Franz Pumaren

with Cara and JV Casio

Christmas in Singapore!

there were so many great moments to share that i'll just post the pictures. hopefully, the photos will speak for themselves.
tonet and gelli

Orchard light-up tour

at IKEA (mama's sanctuary)

at the Cine Blaster (Sentosa)

the Sentosa aquarium

underwater tunnel (pretty cool!)

Songs of the Sea (still at Sentosa)

Singapore Zoo and Night Safari (the highlight of my trip!)

Genting, Malaysia

meeting up with friends (with weng at the winter store)

melinds and my inaanak, clive

Christmas eve with the housemates

SOLV Acoustic Night

and what a successful night it was! :)

luke entertaining his mom, mayette, and ate isa

richie, our videographer, shooting beauty, our lovely host

mother (ate malou) and daughter (france)

the performers (from the St. Scho School of Music)

oh, before i forget (as if i will)....last month, mama bought gelli and me a new camera! woohoo!

me and our beloved Canon 400D :)

Outreach with the streetchildren of ChildHope Asia

had a blast! this was organized by jackie chua (sister from SOLV).

the CHA children
cheers to jackie for doing a fantastic job of hosting and organizing the affair!

by the way....i've finally caved in and got myself a Multiply account. you can check out all the photos in my Photos page.

that's it, pancit!

see you later, 'gator!

after a while, cro...aaah, you get the picture.