Thursday, October 30, 2008

mum's the word

i talk too much.

this was my conclusion after i had my throat checked out yesterday.  apparently, my class schedule (toddler class in the morning, first steps class after lunch, tutorial in the afternoon) and extra-curricular activities (SOLV, meeting with friends, showbiz...) have worn my vocal chords out.  of course, it doesn't help that our weather's more unpredictable than Britney Spears (God help her).   

so the doctor ordered me to go on voice rest.  hm, so this is how singers feel like after a string of concerts.  minus the stadiums, screaming fans, and expensive tickets.  excuse me, my fans (a.k.a. students) do not scream.  unless subject to bodily harm (oy, don't look at me!).

i never felt old (because i'm not. really) but lately, my workaholic nature has been doing my body more harm. i feel sluggish, bloated.  sige na nga, di na ko magshoo-shooting sa madaling araw!  cut, direk!

fortunately, it's semestral break for us teachers.  which means i have ample time for R&R.  in my world, that means Riting & Reading.  or possibly, Raiding the fridge & Ransacking my sisters' closets.  or Ranting about gasoline prices & Racing jeepney drivers.  i've done all of the above, actually.  too bad the jeepney drove straight in the intersection, instead of left where i was headed.  (i'm so glad my dad doesn't know how to use the internet.  or the computer.  don't tell him i divulged that bit of info, though.)

"What on earth are you going to do on your free time?" you might ask.  

my answer: "What? I have free time?"

while still absorbing the great news, i'm mulling over the fact that i have so much time at my disposal.  and work isn't even included!  well, well, well, yellowbell! 

so what do i do?  why, make a to-do list of course! 

1.  start working on the December Vineyard issue.  how exciting!  i can't wait for November 15th! sorry, folks, that's a surprise.  :)

2. clean my closet.  ugh.  not looking forward to this.  i thought i saw something furry in there before.  no, it wasn't my feather boa.  unless something of the rodent kind used it as an accessory.

3.  organize my files.  contrary to what most people think, my room looks like it's been hit by a massive weapon of destruction.  i guess with all the things i'm doing at once, i've neglected my sanctuary.  paano na pag dumalaw si Piolo?

4.  upload photos and videos.  most of my photos are up in my multiply site already.  just some videos that i'm still lazy to upload.  

5.  read.  and i'm not even talking about blogs.  i still have books that i've purchased months (or a year) ago that are gathering dust and other unmentionables.

6.  blog about my recent escapades.  the school Halloween party, LEAP mid-year evaluation, and more.

7.  scrap my to-do list.  easier said than done, my friends, easier said than done.

alrighty.  my throat is still itchy (isang bote ng Caladryl lang to.  tagay na!) and the refrigerator is calling me (o tukso, layuan mo ako!).  gotta go!


Friday, October 03, 2008

MOO-chas gracias!

MOO-chas gracias!, originally uploaded by wasaby.

look what i found in our mail...

my free MOO MiniCards!

and they've got tons of pretty cool stuff. 

thanks again, MOO and flickr!


got the 10 free MiniCards after i subscribed for a flickr PRO account.