Monday, February 05, 2007


P (gushing): Teacher, I want to go to B's house all the time!

the weekly home visits are going extremely well, much to our delight. i am tempted to share all our photos but i can't (unless i want my arse bludgeoned into the next millenium).

two years ago, i started a journal of my favorite quotes of my students. i realize that i forgot about it this year because i've been busy with a lot of things outside of school. well, since most of my current kids are more articulate and expressive now, i think it's about time i start the 2007 journal.

some of my favorite entries were the ones of my student two years ago...

I was reading a Sesame Street story.
Me (showing them a picture of the characters riding a school bus): Friends, where do you think they're going?
Chino (grinning): To Megamall. (a popular shopping mall near our school)

Chino (showing me the different miniature furniture in the Dramatics Area): This one is for Mama. This one is for Papa. And this one is for the little boy who lives down the lane.

Chino (while drawing): My monster is dead!
Me (smiling): Why is he dead?
Chino: Because he went to the supermarket.
[somehow i'm afraid to ask his mom what happened the last time they went to the supermarket...]

ok, so it might have been hilarious then but what makes it priceless for me is the fact that he was about 2.8 years old when we had those conversations. :)

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