Sunday, August 27, 2006

movies to the (I)Max!

last friday, my family and i went to Mall of Asia to celebrate my sister's birthday (happy bday, tonet!). the highlight of our night was watching Ant Bully in full 3D. it was my first IMax experience and i absolutely loved it! yes, it was 300 pesos per ticket but it was totally worth it. of course, the fact that tonet treated us didn't hurt, either. hehe....

IMax is definitely a movie buff's paradise. i can't wait to catch T-Rex! i saw the trailer and i swear i almost fainted when that t-rex roared in front of my face (how rude!)...until i saw my papa reaching out to touch it and i ended up laughing instead (good thing he was too busy gawking to notice).

it was also my first time to go to MofA and i realized that you have to be there the whole day to really make the most of your malling experience. this mall is so
HUGE it should have its own zipcode. my parents, who are both architects, are amazed at this architectural wonder (they should get paid for their never-ending compliments on the design). i can't wait to come back next month!

shameless plug

i have a

i've wanted one for a long time but i told myself that i'd wait til i get myself a dSLR. this just goes to show that i'm impatient. and broke. (haha!)

this site is actually a visial representation of my journey in learning photography. that's why the photos i've been posting are from last year. but i'll update as i go along (and when i've posted all my old photos).

anwyays, feel free to drop by and leave a comment or two. the links page is still under construction but it'll be up soon. (star, kasama ka dun ha! hehe....)

Sunday, August 13, 2006

got a life!

i've been pretty busy the past few weeks (as you can tell by the frequency of my posting).


last friday, my partner and i finished our toddler checklists for the first Parent Teacher Conference the other day. although it wasn't stressful because we did it in her condo unit while watching Girl Interrupted and pigging out (sour cream and potato chips heaven!), i still ended up going home late.

the following day, Tet and i celebrated her birthday with a movie (The Break-up), dinner at Cafe Mediterranean, and a sleep-over in her place.

if you're looking for a cheesy, romantic flick, then The Break-up is not for you! it's a realistic take on relationships that have gone way past the honeymoon stage. i love the quirky dialogues, particularly the ones where the couple had their spats over mundane things. the "show lemons" scene cracked me up. it was so familiar, like watching a scene from my family (except ours would be in Tagalog with a few expletives flying here and there. haha, too much info!). i'm pretty sure a lot of people hate the ending but i celebrate it! (ok, spoilers alert! if you want to watch it, just jump to the next paragraph...) it was about being loving to yourself, basically. brooke couldn't stay with him because, according to her, she just didn't have anything left to give. so she broke away from a relationship that she knew didn't deserve. and gary? thankfully, he got a much needed push in the right direction and he fixed up his life. but what i loved about it was that he did it more for himself. even if they weren't together anymore, he stepped up. and who can forget their first meeting after they went their separate ways? that last look they gave each other was promising, to say the least. aaahhh, don't you just love the realistic unromantic movies? hahaha! for the couples (especially the married ones) who haven'twatched it yet, you better catch it while it's still in theaters! and ladies, bring your guy with you!

dinner was a Greek affair for us. Tet ordered the Chicken Gyros while i was craving for the Moussaka.


we ended the night with a DVD show of "Take The Lead." this movie just made me want to take ballroom dancing lessons! :)

just this friday, i celebrated another birthday. we (the teachers) organized a surprise birthday bash for our good friend and co-teacher, Nat. it was the first time for me to prepare a themed party and i had great fun! since Nat's into gardening these days, we stuck with the Garden Theme. we brought food that had either fruits or vegetables (my contribution was mango ref cake. yum!). the party was held in Janna's house, just a few minutes away from school. Rinna and i went there ahead of time to set-up the place. we covered the two tables with pastel-colored crepe paper. the centerpieces were plants we bought just outside the village - one was a potted floral plant (ok, so i forgot the name!) and the others were small fortune plants that we lined up in the long table. it definitely made the whole setting very elegant. unfortunately, i left my camera and wasn't able to take photos. drats.

the highlight of the whole party was the birthday cake! our boss (who's also a great cook) baked a chocolate cake - in a big pot! it was so cool. she covered the chocolatey "soil" with melted choco fudge and added "dirt" (ground milk chocolate). the finishing touch was plastic tulip flowers. again, i'm beating myself up for not bringing my digicam!


ok, my face is getting back at me for the few hours of sleep i've had during the last two weekends. i only had about 3 hours of sleep at tet's last saturday. since i got home early yesterday (early morning, that is. haha), and i had to go to DLSU in a few hours. well, you can imagine how much (or little) sleep i had.

now, i have zits on my right cheek, with an enormous one right in the center! argh. i know, i'm being such a girly-girl but i can't help it! i was such in a lousy mood that i unconsciously took it out on my outfit. when i got to the DLSU parking lot, i just realized how baduy i looked. am i a masochist or what! so i quickly grabbed my denim jacket to cover the offensive shirt. it was a good thing the sky was overcast or i would've died of heat stroke.

and things just went downhill from there.

the school's network was down so i couldn't get the reprinted EAF for this term - the sole reason i went to school in the first place!! well, at least i was able to get the info i needed for my courses next term. never mind that i can actually get that from the website. i'm trying to make myself feel better, ok??

i dropped by the restroom before heading for the parking lot, just to check if i still looked decent. i really hated my outfit! what does a girl do to cheer herself up? put on some lip gloss! hahaha!

lip gloss and concealer - my only claim to vanity. i don't own a make-up kit because i'm not really into it. but i do love dressing up during special occasions. of course, yesterday was an exception.

so, after psyching myself that i didn't look that bad, i walked to the parking lot. on my way there, somebody in white blocked my vision. argh! it was an old friend! his timing was impeccable.

i didn't even catch his friend's name because i was busy trying to act normal and praying that he doesn't notice the retro shirt i had on. or the gigantic zit on my cheek. after a few minutes of chatting and joking around, he squinted his eyes and looked at my face.

oh no! don't talk about my pimple, pleeaaassee!!

"May dumi ka sa tabi ng mata mo." ("You have dirt beside your eye.") he pointed at the space just above my pimple. i rubbed the dirt off with a grin. yes, there was something beside my eye. i was never so happy to have dirt on my face. ever.

anyways, we talked for a few more minutes. i asked him how his business was going (he's part owner of a famous night spot in Makati), he asked me where i'm working now. thankfully, the chat didn't end in bloodshed (that would be his blood if he ever mentioned the words, zit or pimple, to my face).

as i made my way to the parking lot, i just had to smile. what did i learn that day? when life gives you zits, pray for dirt on your face.

happy zitless weekend, everybody!