Sunday, August 27, 2006

movies to the (I)Max!

last friday, my family and i went to Mall of Asia to celebrate my sister's birthday (happy bday, tonet!). the highlight of our night was watching Ant Bully in full 3D. it was my first IMax experience and i absolutely loved it! yes, it was 300 pesos per ticket but it was totally worth it. of course, the fact that tonet treated us didn't hurt, either. hehe....

IMax is definitely a movie buff's paradise. i can't wait to catch T-Rex! i saw the trailer and i swear i almost fainted when that t-rex roared in front of my face (how rude!)...until i saw my papa reaching out to touch it and i ended up laughing instead (good thing he was too busy gawking to notice).

it was also my first time to go to MofA and i realized that you have to be there the whole day to really make the most of your malling experience. this mall is so
HUGE it should have its own zipcode. my parents, who are both architects, are amazed at this architectural wonder (they should get paid for their never-ending compliments on the design). i can't wait to come back next month!

shameless plug

i have a

i've wanted one for a long time but i told myself that i'd wait til i get myself a dSLR. this just goes to show that i'm impatient. and broke. (haha!)

this site is actually a visial representation of my journey in learning photography. that's why the photos i've been posting are from last year. but i'll update as i go along (and when i've posted all my old photos).

anwyays, feel free to drop by and leave a comment or two. the links page is still under construction but it'll be up soon. (star, kasama ka dun ha! hehe....)

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