Saturday, December 20, 2008

The December Vineyard photo shoot

Every December, the CCM-Publications releases a special issue of The Vineyard.

Normally, for the Staff Page, we just have our photos taken in a typical setting. Last year, sa Don Bosco kami, right before the prayer meeting...

while the year before that, we had a pseudo-photoshoot at Baywalk.
This year, we wanted to make it more special, as it is the kick-off to SOLV's 25th year in 2009. How special was it, you may ask?

It was an official photoshoot by a professional photographer in a real photo studio with a professional make-up artist and design artist. And we wore costumes! The theme? Something that describes yourself. :D

Thanks to our Vineyard staffer, sister, and friend, Cecille Mendoza, for making it happen!

photographer (left): Alan Fontanilla, head of SPANK (a subsidiary of LOWE)
design artist (right): Cholo dela Vega, LOWE

make-up artist: Mona Borromeo (freelance make-up artist)
We (the ladies) had our make-up session at Cecille's office (LOWE).

Nako, if only I had a videocam! Ang kulit ni Beauty! :)) I spent several minutes photographing Beauty while she was waiting for her turn to have her make-up done. Hindi siya masyadong nag-enjoy, really. ;)
Siyempre, di nagpahuli si Cecille!

Kinunan din ako ni Cecille...

When we were all made-up, we drove to the photo studio for the pictorials. It was such a treat to see everyone in costume! The biggest surprise was seeing Caloy in his priest outfit. Ano kaya ang masasabi ni Ate Malou dito? Hehehe...

Here are some of my favorite behind-the-scenes shots. Documenting the whole event was pretty fun already!

Here are the official shots.

Thanks again to Alan, Cholo, Mona, Cecille, and to our Vineyard staff, who have been such great sports! Till next photo shoot! will we top this next year???