Saturday, May 19, 2007


That’s what this is. A welcome break from my characteristically chaotic life, which (unfortunately) will come back to haunt me in about two weeks or so. My prior activities have unconsciously forced me into hibernation. Well, that and the fact that I don’t have work (and moolah) this summer.

Normally, I’d spend the summer break at the beach nursing a tan and snorkling. Now the only thing I’m nursing is a hang-over from oversleeping. Amusing, I know. But I’ve come to terms with my decision to basically torture myself from boredom until I’m raring to go back to work and start implementing my action research paper. So far it’s been fun. A friend of mine was worried that I wouldn’t be able to handle all the downtime but I assured her that it’ll be over in a few days and I’ll be back to my perfectionist, workaholic self. I’m really not looking forward to all the things I have to do come June, which is why I’m making the most of my break.

So now I’m lulling my summer days and nights away with guilty pleasures like organizing DVD marathons, eating Milo (yes, eating it), and sleeping until I sport a white beard long enough for the Guinness. Yeah, yeah, I’ve become an enthusiastic couch potato. (And it’s a bad thing because…??) At least I get to watch movies with Rica and have dinner with friends once in a while.

The weird thing about going on a hiatus is that I’ve involuntarily took a break from photography and blogging as well. It’s been a while since I last posted, commented, and browsed in Flickr. My right brain has shut me out for quite some time and have yet to recuperate. Maybe once I get into the rhythm of things my fingers will begin clicking away. It’s weird that I feel most creative when I am busy and stressed out of my mind. I don’t even want to know why. That’s just how I am.

As of today, I have 12 more days of complete and utter tranquility and then it’s back to the real world. Fantastic.