Thursday, February 02, 2006

kulit bulilit vol. 2

Last year, I kept a compilation of funny quotes from my kids (see kulit bulilit vol. 1). I haven't been as vigilant about it as before but I managed to remember some of the memorable moments. Although not all of my toddlers this schoolyear are as verbal as my kids the previous year, those who ARE verbal seem to make up for it.

One of them is Emilia, our oldest girl in class. She is really one of the funniest toddlers I've ever met. After all, she's the only toddler I know so far who uses words like "freaky," "wobbly," "foot massage," and "Pterodactyl" in regular conversations. AND she calls her undies, "underpants." Go figure.

1. During our week about Insects, we sang "It's a Great Big Insect World" every Circle Time.

EVERY SINGLE TIME we sing the first few lines of the song, Emilia asked a question that made us lose our composure (from trying hard not to laugh).

Teachers: "It's a world of beetles, a world of wasps...
It's a world of bees and a world of ants...

(while we were still singing) Emilia exclaimed, eyes bulging wide: Did you say UNDERPANTS????

2. I spotted Emilia sitting on a chair right outside our classroom. She was holding a pink toy cellphone and pretended to call somebody.

Me: Hi Emils! Who are you calling?
Emilia: David.
M: David? Who's David?
E: David from Totally Spies! He's my boyfriend.
M: O-kay. Good for you...

I shared this bit of info to the other teachers during our lunch break. The next day, while my class was having snacks, Teacher Ina strolled into the kitchen. After greeting everybody, she turned to Emilia.

T. Ina: Hi, Emilia. I heard you watch Totally Spies.
Emilia: Yeah...I love Totally Spies.
T.I.: Who's David? (she just could not resist)
E: Oh, he's my husband.

From boyfriend to husband after a day. I almost asked her, "What's your secret???" ^_^

3. Our first home visit was at Sofi's house. She lives in the 8th floor of a condominium along Pearl Drive. After saying our good-byes, the class rode the elevator.

I pressed the G button and everybody waited to get to the ground floor quietly.

Basti looked up at the rows of buttons. Suddenly, he broke the silence by blurting out, "I like number 8 please."


This boy could not even form a complete sentence last year. Now, he not only talks in sentences, but uses gracious remarks like, "Please," "Thank you," and "You're welcome." :)

4. Emilia came to school one day with a water gun. Teacher Dez greeted her warmly and asked her about it.

T.Dez: What's that?
Emilia: It's a gun.
T.D.: What's that for?
E: It's for the vampires on the roof. This has holy water to kill the vampires.
T.D. (thinking that Emilia got that from a show or movie): Where did you watch that?
E: From the Nutcracker.

Hm. I don't remember vampires in the Nutcracker...have you been watching Underworld lately, Emils?

5. I was riding a van with Ice (see Ice, Ice, Baby!), Rau, and Rianna for our weekly home visit. On our way back to school after visiting Basti, most of us were pretty quiet in the van. Ice and Rau, on the other hand, were bundles of excited energy. Ice was entertaining his cousin (yes, they're cousins) by making funny faces.

One time, he placed his toy, a red plastic ring (i think it was for a ring toss game), on his head. The ring was so thin it looked like he was wearing a headband.

Rau teased, "You look like a girl, huh!"

6. While we were in the sandbox area, I approached Emilia and asked her about her new hairstyle.

Me: Who cut your hair?
Emilia: The hair styler.
M: Oh, the hair stylist.
E: Yeah, the hair stylist.
M: Who went with you?
E: Lolo and Mommy.
M: Did your mom get her nails done?
E: No, she had a foot massage.
M: Ah, i see. How about your lolo?
E: No. He can't. My lolo's dick slipped off.
M: What? (I managed to keep a straight face)
E: My lolo's...(she paused, as if to get her words right) disc... slipped.
M: Oh, your lolo has Slip Disc.
E: Yeah, Slip Disc.



Finally, from my kids last schoolyear. They're in the Pre-K1 class now (sniff, sniff).

7. Teacher Nat was playing a game with the kids in the playground. Since they were talking about Fairy Tales, she decided to have fun by pretending to be the Evil Witch looking for her "victim." She'd give clues by describing what he/she was wearing. Since Chino was so fun to tease, she picked him as her first victim.

I couldn't remember the exact details of the conversation but it sort of went like this...

T.Nat: He's wearing a red shirt...
Chino (trying to distract her): Teacher, let's ride the swing.
T.N.: No, I'm the Evil Witch remember?
C (beginning to panic): I want to climb the monkey bars.
T.N. (ignoring him, still): He's wearing a red shirt and blue shoes...
C (pointed at a nearby tree): That's a tall tree! Why don't you climb it?


8. One afternoon, I joined them for a few minutes for Choice Time. They were playing board games that they brought to school.

Manisha showed off her Disney Princesses card game to us.

"This game is for 6 children only," she explained.

Kaitlin jumped up and answered excitedly, "I'm 4 already!"

Ahh, I miss these kids. Hehe.

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