Tuesday, February 14, 2006

what dreams may come

a taste of what's (or who's!) to come, perhaps? :)

this was one of the last fortune cookies i had last Chinese New Year. when i read my fortune, i remembered one of my recent astral travels. well, i definitely like this cookie better than my "blind date!" hehe.

of course, i saved this shot just for today. this is dedicated to all you hopeless romantics out there...and the cynics? well, this is for you, too! after all, everybody deserves a little lovin' ^_~

aaah, i just love Valentine's day...flowers, chocolates, kisses, hugs...doesn't it make you feel that everything will be alright in this world? and, as the Beatles said, All We Need Is Love! now if only some of that lovin' got showered down my way. hehe. :D

to my single and available friends, this fortune is my Valentine wish for you. as for the committed ones, i hope you've found The One. :)

happy hearts day, everybody!

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