Monday, January 23, 2006

in my dreams

i've shared before that i am a visual person.

being such, i usually have vivid dreams. i remember almost every detail - what i was wearing, where i was, who was/were with me, what happened, what i said...well, you get the idea.

last night, i had one of the funniest nightmares ever.

yes, you read right. it was a nightmare, but a funny one.

how so?

well, here's what happened in my dream...

i woke up to the sound of my cellphone's alarm. as i sat up, i saw my mama frantically rummaging through my closet.

what was she doing?

in her crazy search, it seemed that she didn't even notice i was awake, staring blankly at her. soon, her head was swallowed by the sea of hanging shirts and jackets.

after several seconds of watching her, i suddenly remembered our conversation a few days ago. she casually informed me that i was going to get married. soon. she planned everything already, from the date, to the church and reception, down to the groom. i just laughed then.

i remembered today was the supposed day.

still unsure of what she was doing in my closet, i jokingly asked her, "What time is the wedding?"

"3 o'clock," was her muffled reply.

ah, i was right. i nodded in confusion. is she really trying to prove her point? wasn't it a joke?

"aah, ma, nobody knows about it yet." two can play this game, you know.

she sighed in impatience and turned to look at me.

"ma, sino yung lalake?" ("ma, who's the guy?")

"yung anak ng kaibigan ko. yung-" ("the son of my friend. the-")

"ha?!? ma, seryoso ka ba??" i exclaimed. i practically jumped out of my bed in panic. ("ha?!? ma, are you serious??")

mama had an incredulous look on her face. arms akimbo, she glared murderously at me.

before she even had a chance to retort, i added, "e sino yun?? ano itsura nya??" ("who's that?? what does he look like??") sheesh, i couldn't believe my "dream self" actually asked that question before anything else. am i that superficial??

"matangkad sya! mabait! at very generous pa!" she spat angrily ("he's tall! nice! and very generous, too!"). the fact that she answered my innocent question by describing his height and personality gave me an idea of what he looked like already.

as she went on and on about what an "amazing" guy he was, i felt myself getting paler by the second. i was getting married???? today??? to a guy that I HAVE NEVER EVEN MET???

this was insane!!

as she continued her earlier mission of searching my closet, i realized that she was actually looking for a wedding dress! IN MY CLOSET!!! do i look like somebody who has a wedding dress stashed in her room??? i mean, ok, so i've planned my wedding already. but i'm not that prepared!!

what was happening?? was i dreaming??

i distinctly remember having trouble breathing. and my room spinning. i held on to the sides of my bed.

my mama set me on a blind date...on my wedding day!!

what about all my plans?? my dreams?? my essentials???

all ruined because my mama got tired of waiting.

i didn't know what to do first - faint, scream, or run for my life.

no wait. i have a better idea. kill mama first!

i was about to scream about the injustice of it all when i suddenly opened my eyes.


i blinked. i could see the ceiling above my bed. i sat up and glanced at my closet. she's not there!!!

it was just a bad dream!

i couldn't believe it!

it was so clear, so real...i was even breathing hard and i had to sit still to wait for my heartbeat to return to normal.

knowing it was just a dream actually made the whole thing hilarious.

i knew my mama was in a state of panic over my single status but this was ridiculous!

a few days ago, i read an e-mail from rica entitled, "What's your deadline?" i remember replying that i was beyond caring about when i was going to get married and all.

never mind that i had every detail planned to a T already. never mind that i had the design of my gown carefully stored in my head. never mind that i knew which photographer to call. never mind that i know what my cake will look like (no, it's not the one in the photo). or my invitations. or my souvenirs. hahaha!

am i in denial??? nah!

i'm just organized. yeah, that's it. i like to plan ahead. i'm a planner.

of course, the only thing missing in that puzzle is the groom. well, where the heck is he anyway??

hhm. maybe i should wait for my next funny nightmare to find out. ^_^

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