Thursday, January 19, 2006

the show must go on

A Series of Unfortunate Events

i usually give myself a week to grieve.

after that, i mentally and emotionally coax myself to dwell on more positive things like rainbows, butterflies, and winning a trip around the world.

so when i received one tragic news after another, i knew i needed a break.

before New Year even began, i learned that our family friend and computer guy died of an asthma attack. the week after that, my
tita died. then exactly one week after her death, my HS friend's dad died of a heart attack. talk about a Grim Reaper Grand Slam.

every Sunday, for three weeks, we bade goodbye to a loved one. attending three funerals was definitely not how i envisioned the start of my new year would be.

can you blame me if i was dreading the start of this week? i really prayed that i wouldn't hear more bad news. after all, i always preferred comedies over tragedies (who wouldn't??).

so i told myself that i should spend more time amusing myself than dwelling over what happened.

Just For Laughs

when i went through my blog archive folder in my harddisk (yes, i save my know, just in case my site suddenly disappears or malfunctions. i'm really paranoid...), i saw a folder that i have yet to post.

last july, i came across this unique and hilarious website:
The Face Analyzer. this program analyzes your photo then gives you the lowdown on your personality, race, and your archetype. for some reason, though, i decided against posting it i can't really remember. well, i probably forgot about it or found it too cheesy.

but now that i was looking for something to cheer me up, well, this was just perfect. it finally reached its purpose...

i submitted two photos:

the results were astounding, actually...


81% Middle Eastern
19% Anglo Saxon

Intelligence 6.0 Average Intelligence
Risk 4.2 Low Risk
Ambition 5.8 Average Ambition
Gay Factor 1.5 Very Low Gay Factor
Honor 5.2 Average Honor
Politeness 5.3 Average Politeness
Income 6.0 $30,000 - $50,000
Sociability 5.4 Average Sociability
Promiscuity 3.3 Low Promiscuity

Personality Profile:

You particularly enjoy the traditional way of life. Having drinks with your friends, attending parties and relaxing while watching TV are some of the simple pleasures you indulge in. You may also enjoy physical exercise. Your driving force is to retire as early as possible, so that you can do the things you enjoy more often. Your main source of ambition comes from this desire.

You don't particularly like your job but you do it without complaining. You realize that the income that it provides is essential to your lifestyle. You are friendly yet competitive with your co-workers. This competitiveness may lead you to squander your earnings to match other peoples' possessions.

You operate most effectively when there is a set power structure, and the lines of authority are clear. You know your place in the ranks, you play by the rules, and will deliver what is expected of you. You do not care for responsibility; you would rather be care free.

White Collar:
-Slightly more intelligent and ambitious than the Blue collar type.
Occupation Examples: Secretary, Police Officer, Telemarketer, Computer Programmer, Office worker


51% East Indian
36% South East Asian
13% Chinese

Intelligence 6.3 Average Intelligence
Risk 4.6 Low Risk
Ambition 6.2 Average Ambition
Gay Factor 1.6 Very Low Gay Factor
Honor 5.0 Average Honor
Politeness 5.7 Average Politeness
Income 6.3 $30,000 - $50,000
Sociability 6.0 Average Sociability
Promiscuity 3.9 Low Promiscuity

Personality Profile:

You have social courage and as a consequence are open and extroverted. You are seen as a well known person who is liked and is involved in many social events. You feel confident about your position in social situations and will not hesitate to say what you believe. You do not like too much responsibility, but you do not mind being in the social center. You must know everything that is going on in your greater social circle and spend a lot of time talking to others to find out the latest gossip. You tend to be friendly, but can be criticizing when you see others as thinking of themselves too much.

You prefer to work in challenging people oriented jobs where you can compete against others and rise in the ranks. Others usually like you but can sometimes be intimidated by your outspoken comments and criticisms although they do not show it.

People tend to feel comfortable around you and respect your opinion. You can use this social weight to get things done for you but usually opt not to call in favours people owe you.

-More fun-loving than Alpha Charmer
Expected Occupations: Sales representative, Teacher, Aesthetician, Hair Stylist, Artist, Actor, Social Worker, Manager

coincidence?? probably. but they were so dead on with the expected occupations, right? the race analysis and personality description were funny, too. i always felt i had a bit of that Middle Eastern look so i wasn't surprised with the results of the race analysis. i resent that bit about average intelligence, though. haha!

i don't know what their basis for predicting a person's personality is but it probably has something to do with the shape of the eyes, the smile, mouth, shape of the face, and expression.

because i wasn't smiling in my first photo, i was the White Collar archetype. (well, it could also be the shades...)

in my second picture, i was smiling and facing the camera. ergo, the Charmer archetype.

wait. i think i might be analyzing this too much. so much for having fun. hehe.

happy weekend, everybody!

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