Friday, September 09, 2005

for art's sake

the exhibit poster.....recognize the blue photo? :)

two tuesdays ago, our community (Servants of the Lord's Vineyard) held our very first art and photo exhibit. it was organized by the Creative Communications Ministry (CCM), which i am a member of. we've been thinking about it since last year but it was only recently that it finally happened.

initially, it was supposed to be a 20- or 30-minute event right after the regular prayer meeting but the Core liked the idea and decided to dedicate the whole evening to the exhibit itself. :)

all the brothers and sisters of SOLV were invited to join and share their works, either in art or photography (or both, even). the timing was perfect for me because i had recently taken an interest in photography so naturally, i just had to join. ^_^

the exhibit was open to everyone so i invited some of my friends. tinatuna came! :)

the event, entitled "God's Glory in Creation", began with a ribbon cutting ceremony (led by Ate Malou and Beauty), which i actually missed because i had to transfer my car, buy dinner, and change after setting up the place (arh, long story). by the time tina and i arrived, the exhibit was in full swing, complete with hors d'oeuvres (i.e. Fita with tuna or liver spread ^_^) and music to set the mood.

i am amazed at the talent of my brothers and sisters and proud to be in good company :). there were a lot of entries in both photography and art. there was even a corner dedicated to cross stitch works! :D

in the photo side, Sharon shared with us pictures of her trips abroad (Finland, Singapore...), while Randy's work gave us a glimpse of the different places in his province. one of my favorite participants is actually the youngest in the bunch, Hannah. she's a college student who told us that she believes photography is her calling. and when you see her work, you will defintely agree! unfortunately, i wasn't able to get a decent photo of her work because her area always had visitors...

in the art section, our sisters blew us away with their creativity and brilliance in painting and sketching. i loved Beauty's watercolor paintings (that's actually my frustration. i tried watercolor before and i realized i needed more practice ^^) and flor's pastel sketches, particularly the one with the waterfalls (above photo). hers actually look like they came right out of a postcard. (and i recently found out that she DID copy them from postcards. hehe.)

before the exhibit, i told Beauty that i can only showcase a few of my works since i didn't have the money to have the others printed. she told me i can just send the rest of my photos for them to be turned into a slideshow. of course, the whole time i thought it was a compilation of all the participants' works. just imagine my surprise when i saw that the slideshow (displayed in a laptop situated in one corner of the exhibit) was dedicated only! i felt honored (to know that they felt my photos were worth displaying as a slideshow), embarassed (because i was the only one with the Powerpoint presentation @_@), and proud (to see my works flashing in front of us :D) at the same time (if that's even possible!). ayayay! ^_^;; it was definitely a humbling and enriching experience.

needless to say, our first art and photo exhibit was a success. i am hoping that this will not be the last :)

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