Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas 2005

World Wide Web(cam)

i spent Christmas day with my family and relatives at my lola's (grandma's) house. we were able to
chat with our folks in Canada and Maryland, thanks to one of the most wonderful inventions known to mankind (especially people overseas), the webcam.

it was a day filled with laughter, reminiscing, and surprises.

i haven't seen my aunt and uncle in Maryland for over 8 years, while our relatives in Canada have been immigrants since 2000 (oh, and they're all Canadian citizens, now).

when all three webcam windows popped up, it was total chaos!

we really miss our cousins and seeing them "live" was a perfect opportunity to poke fun at each and every one of them - which is what we normally do during reunions. haha!

unfortunately, the microphone in our webcam didn't work. darn it! we could hear both parties perfectly while they couldn't hear us. well, it was funnier at our end because we could actually listen in to their reactions and conversations.

ahh, Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday...


after opening the gifts (and more picture-taking), my family headed for San Fernando, Pampanga to sleep over at tonet's house. she works in San Miguel Corporation (Beer Division) in that area and, the lucky girl, has her own house and car to boot.

this is the second time my whole family slept over.

we had dinner at Gigster, a fancy restaurant/bar where they have an area for live bands/performers. we dined al fresco in the second floor, overlooking... the parking lot. the food was excellent! crispy pata, sinigang, garlic rice, chopsuey. *burp!*

when we got home, we instantly morphed into couch potatoes and watched cable tv.

the next day, i woke up earlier than the others, except for my mama (who's usually the first one who gets up). we had a simple breakfast and i spent a few minutes taking silly pictures of tonet's
knick knacks (she has a lot!).

while waiting for everybody to freshen up and pack up before we go, we watched Friends reruns (thank God for VCD!!). we only got to season 1. we just cannot leave without watching the episode where Ross and Rachel first got together. ^_^

before we left, i was playing around with my camera. my papa saw this as an opportunity to take family photos on tonet's bed. what was just an innocent photo turned into a full
pictorial session. tsk, tsk, tsk...

i think my papa misses photography terribly. it's been years since he last held his beloved SLRs (which are gathering dust in his cabinet).

finally, we were off to have lunch at my sister's favorite resto in Pampanga, A La Creme. it was 2:30 pm and i was famished!! i was able to take a few
photos while waiting to pass the time. thankfully, there were only a few people because of the holiday so our orders arrived quickly. they absolutely did NOT disappoint. the food was EXCELLENT! my beef salpicao disappeared in a matter of minutes (even my sisters were surprised). hey, i'm hungry. do i even have to explain myself???

diet?? never on Christmas! :)

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