Wednesday, March 22, 2006

my heart's reasons

There are those days when the logical mind says, you must move on and do a better job of supporting yourself.

Those days when the logical mind say, why did you choose this career, it is not reasonable.
If the heart can still the mind, then the answers are apparent.
Perhaps logic did not play a great part in choosing our jobs as teachers.
If we are truly teaching life's most important lessons to the little ones.
The lesson of love, to love oneself unconditionally and to share that love with others.
Perhaps we were guided and chosen to be in this place.
For teaching love in a crowded, confused and often angry world,
is not something everyone can do.
Though our wallets may not be overflowing,
How many people are hugged and told they are loved by the people they work with each day?
How many people own original art works created expressly for them?
How many jobs allow you to wipe away tears and make the world a better place for others?
How many people are allowed to see a tired, weary world through fresh new eyes, where all things are possible,
To hear laughter and joy for no big reason, just for being.
When the logical mind say, what are you doing teaching young children,
Listen to your heart one more time.

- from What Are You Doing Teaching Preschool (Original Author Unknown)

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