Monday, July 24, 2006

click and win!

i'm joining my fourth photo contest.

last year, i took a plunge into the world of photography. of course, i'm no professional (just look at my camera. haha.). but i'm learning. and i've learned a lot.

the first contest i joined was the January 2006: Unforgettable Faces for the
Digital Photo Forum, a site for amateurs, hobbyists, and pros alike. and i won! :D never mind that i wasn't the only winner. at least i was one of them. and the prize? a copy of the book, 267 Simple Tips for Sensational Photos, by David Peterson, a professional photographer and the owner of the forum. i haven't read through all the topics yet (maybe i should just print it out...) but i already used some of the tips here.

the second contest was still with DPF. i didn't expect to win here (and i was right) but i joined for personal reasons. it was my tribute to
Miggy, our puppy who was stolen a few months ago.

i feel fortunate that i took
shots of him while he was still with us. and whoever took him better make his deed worth it for our loveable pet - or he'll pay dearly! (that is, if we still find him)

my last two contests are for
Photodoto, a great site dedicated to anything and everything about photography by one of my favorite and admired Flickr photographers, John Watson or fd, as he's more popularly known (yes, he's the guy who makes those fantastic Flickr Toys)

the theme of the most recent
contest for Photodoto is Adventure. the entries are amazing! and so are the prizes! i'd be extremely happy to win a one-year Flickr Pro account. of course, a gift card isn't too shabby, either. hehe. :D

for all you Flickristas out there, join us! the more, the merrier. who knows, you might just snag that $250
B&H Photo gift card.

good luck and happy clicking!

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