Sunday, September 24, 2006

weekend dining

Let's Do The Twist

our toddler class had its first parent dinner last saturday at twist, eastwood. i was pretty excited because it was my first time to actually set foot in the restaurant. the interior was relaxing and subdued, with a Zen feel to it. i loved their chairs with the tall backs (although if you're short like moi no one can tell you're there from behind. hehe).

the class has 9 students but only 6 pairs of parents made it to the dinner. despite that, we still had a lot of fun. since they're used to seeing the teachers in school, looking harassed and sweaty, the dinner was a breath of fresh air for them - and much more for us. the initial topics revolved predictably around their kids but with the relaxed atmosphere, eventually everybody loosen up and talk about other things that weren't school-related.

i found out that one of the dads is the older brother of a former officemate, ryan bonilla (remember him, star??) and he was also a college classmate of mike lectura! i almost sang "it's a small world after all."

the food was great, btw. i ordered a pasta dish while the rest ordered buffet. and after about 3 hours of sharing laughter and exchanging stories, we called it a night.

no, i'm NOT pregnant! darn those gartered midriff tops!

In Da Club(house)

gelli's turning 18 on november 29! and she's having a party on dec 2. of course, since i'm such a great sister, i volunteered to be her party planner.

last sunday, my mom, gelli, and i dropped by the Mayfield clubhouse. the 2nd floor, where the party will be held, can house 100 guests (with the tables included). the place was just right for gelli's guest list (about 80 people) but the downside was the time. because the clubhouse was inside the townhomes area, they have a rule that parties can only be until 9:00 pm. and we all know that for a teenager, the real party begins after 10:00 pm...well, that was during my time. i'm pretty sure the time changed as years passed by so it might just be midnight for the young 'uns. (i feel so old!)

but we already thought of the other possible places and this is the only one that gelli likes. guess she and her friends have to deal with the fact that they have to rock the house from 4 to 9 pm. hahaha!

gelli was a bit pissed by it but she had no choice. in the meantime, mama was busy talking to the people from catering. our timing was perfect because when we got there, the staff was already packing away the stuff from an earlier party so we were able to get the contact number of the caterer.

after our occular at the clubhouse, we headed for our dinner at a nearby village. my lolo's sister, charing, just celebrated her 93rd birthday! i haven't really seen her for a loooooooooong time because she stayed in the US most of her life. but since most of our relatives are here, she decided to celebrate her special day with all of us.

it was a simple dinner. good food. good people. and the cake! my cousins couldn't help but to get into the action.

happy birthday, lola charing! (i'm tempted to say her first name again just to be funny but i'm keeping my mouth shut :D)

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