Sunday, October 29, 2006

Who Moved My Bread?

we have a monster in our house.

not the growling, gnashing, roaring, foot-stomping kind. our creepy-crawler is furry, squeaks, and scampers about when no one is around.

right, a rat.

house rats are old news to most people but the one living under our roof is no ordinary rodent. this dude has special powers.

what kind of powers, you may ask?

for starters, he can squeeze himself into tight openings and extremely narrow corners. yes, their species has this ability. but i'm talking about a rodent the size of a cat. you know, like those you find in a farm or field.

because of its sheer size, it can turn on the switch of our living room table lamp just by running around it. when i spotted our lamp on, i almost freaked out. not because it's almost Halloween and a ghost could have played a trick on us. but i was extremely worried somebody broke into our house (again). when i asked gelli about it, she said, oh so matter-of-factly, that seeing the lamp turned on has been a regular occurance and that it was that rat.


then, just this afternoon, i went downstairs to get a glass of water. as i got to the middle of the stairs, i saw that the plastic container where we keep the bread was wide open. i usually place my red lunch box on top of it but, for some reason, the lunch box was lying on its side, on the oven right beside the bread.


i ran down the steps and looked inside the container.

yes, the monster strikes again.

it ate through the plastic and took several bites of our bread. the bread that papa just bought.


after i calmed down, it dawned on me. the rat opened the container by itself.

great. i realize that we have a smart monster. is this Jurassic Park, Family Edition?? maybe rats have special weapons that can open plastic food containers and turn on lamps. but then again, it could have used its weight like cavemen do.

well, i don't care what technique it used. i'm not taking any chances.

now if that monster can still lift this green plastic dome (that, mind you, is tightly squeezed between the oven and the rice container), i don't know if i should call the mice exterminator or the police.

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