Saturday, November 18, 2006

waiting to exhale

stage decor for the party

is it just me or am i suddenly drowning?

hm, let's see...gelli's party is just two weeks away. as the self-proclaimed party planner, i've been keeping a mental checklist of the stuff to do. that is, until my brain practically imploded. so i actually printed out a list of all the tasks that each member of our family had to do for the party. it's been tedious and i could feel the tension start to build up. just this week, a few members of our family had a fight three days in a row (and papa was in all of them.) truthfully, i'm just waiting for the whole event to just pass us by and then i can breathe.

but of course, there's still the December Vineyard issue, which will be our biggest release this year. only less than a month til our deadline and i'm already losing my mind over it! thank God our staff and the SOLV Anniversary team are supportive.

and then, there's my first FPC blog assignment. i'm doing an interview on the first featured photographer for December. i'm too tired to talk about it so i'll just post the update when it's all done

so, till all the hullabaloo
has been ticked off in my mental and hardcopy checklist, i'll be useless in the blogging world.

whew. oh, i just exhaled.

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