Sunday, April 30, 2006

Trippin' (Volume III)

guess where i was last tuesday... :D


tuesday marked several firsts in my book:
1. i had lunch at Cafe Lupe, Tagaytay (yes, you guessed right. Tagaytay again...),
2. the yeye superfriends finally got to meet the infamous mike, and (more importantly),
3. it was tet's treat (hahaha!).

oh, i almost forgot.

4. two words: cherry stem :)

i slept over monday night at the hotel with the sweet couple (oh, yeah, that's another first for me. don't ask. hehe.). i had a chance to grill, erm, talk to mike before he met the other girls the next day. the three of us had an interesting discussion about life, love, and family (particularly tet's). and all i can say about this is: life is definitely full of surprises...

anyways, we had an amazing breakfast at the Mezzanine of Best Western Hotel.

the food was simply delicious! of course, it didn't hurt that breakfast involved two of my favorite words in the dictionary: buffet and free. ah, i'm so easy to please. :)

we picked up mommy jeanne in bicutan and caryl in alabang. speaking of caryl, i just want to congratulate her for being such an early bird that day :p

the couple were actually our guests of honor during our lunch trip to Tagaytay (congrats on your engagement! ^_^). Cafe Lupe was a good choice. their sinigang na bangus was yummy! and we had an excellent view of Taal Lake, too.

i wasn't too thrilled with my order, though. but let's not go there.

after stuffing ourselves like there was no tomorrow, we ordered dessert (hey, there will always be room for that, full stomach or otherwise). the lovebirds shared a bowl of halo-halo while us girls gorged ourselves over the leche flan and banana split.

it was the first time for me to have leche flan with chocolate syrup on it. and a cherry.

ah yes. the cherry.

it was a pretty long discussion (and debate) but, suffice to say, it was an exciting experience for me (please refer to item 4 above. hehe.). we were only supposed to dare caryl (who, unfortunately for her, just couldn't keep her mouth shut :p) but, what the heck, i just had to try it out for myself. what can i say...not too shabby for a first-timer. ^_~

i haven't been to Picnic Grove for a long time (around 7 years, i guess). the last time i went to the place, there were flea markets and lots of food booths. i got a reality check when we got there because all those clothes and food stands were gone. even if i didn't have any money to spend, i still wanted to check out the merchandise (i'm such a window shopaholic).

so, after admiring the view (i liked the one in Cafe Lupe better), we took the 500 m. hike around the area. it was after 2 pm, the sun was scorching, and there weren't any beverage stands. but because we were a bunch of insane people, we took the hike anyways. caryl wasn't too pleased (who wears 3-inch clogs to Tagaytay anyways??? :p) but she was such a trooper that we didn't rub it in...much :)

well, the walk around the mountain was a good place for pictorials, too, so it was still worth the hike.

it was a tiring afternoon but we all had fun. as usual, sa uulitin!

D'Lagoon @ Lagundi

SOLV held our annual family day event @ D'Lagoon Resort and Spa this weekend. our very generous brother and sister couple offered their resort in Morong, Rizal (thanks, Patrick and Tess!). since the venue is pretty much in my territory (Rizal), i drove straight there instead of meeting up with the others in Crossing.

our day began with a short worship and prayer (which i almost missed) and several games that made my tummy ache from laughing too hard (the perfect warm-up for swimming. hehe.). i mean, who knew we could come up with all those uses for a piece of tissue paper, a mineral water bottle, and a long piece of string. i was definitely surrounded by creative, resourceful, and crazy people. :D

the best part of the day was...swimming! the resort had two pools. a large family pool with a froggy slide and a smaller but deeper one for the adults (with a whirlpool). we stayed in the larger pool at first but after lunch, everybody transferred to the other one. it was fun bonding in the whirlpool and being showered by our human-powered sprinkler (hahaha!).

at around 3:30, we all headed to the multi-purpose hall for the Lord's Day celebration. it was a pretty solemn event, the perfect culminating activity to our fellowship. after, some of us watched the tree-planting activity, courtesy of the Casanova family.

the family that plants together...

uh, grows a tree. (??)

after much kulitan

and Kodakan (i swear, my bros and sisters have to be the most camera shy people i know...),

we all bade goodbye to our housemates for the day

and looked forward to our long weekend (hurrah for Labor Day!).

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