Wednesday, May 03, 2006

artsy fartsy

5..4..3..2..1..Blast Off!

we launched the maiden issue of The Vineyard last night. i was pretty excited because it was my first project as editor-in-chief (i don't think i'll ever get used to that moniker) of my community's newsletter.

because joel (the Publications co-lead and Creative Communications Ministry head) and i decided to have monthly releases, we kept the newsletter simple (one spread only) but action-packed:

front page: articles of recent events, entries on saint of the month, and additional trivia (if there was still space)
center spread: calendar of activitiesback page: teachings/sharings

after spending those days finalizing the lay-out, design, and articles, i realized that it's a pretty challenging task. but i always tell myself that if the fulfillment outweighs the difficulties, then it's always worth it! (hey, i'm still teaching aren't i? :D)

For Art's Sake

well, whoever this Art is has a lot of explaining to do! because of him and his movement, i've been under a lot of pressure to raise his banner and prove myself.

of course, most of the time, it was my idea in the first place.

like that scrapbook. :D

but...i'm happy and proud to say that i've finally accomplished my mission. just in time. although if you ask jeanne, i'm pretty sure she'd say it took longer than she hoped. :D

i think i'll leave all that artsy fartsy stuff for schoolwork first. just to keep my creative juices flowing, instead of overflowing and leaving me empty of ideas. hehe.

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