Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Papa's Girls

papa used to be so passionate about photography.

you see, he isn't a very expressive nor affectionate person. but he made up for it with out-of-town trips, food (hehe), and, of course, photos.

instead of paintings, our living room wall and hallway is decked with rows of his favorite pictures from our childhood.

he never took classes (didn't have the patience for it, actually. hehe.). he just learned through trial-and-error. well, as they say, experience is the best teacher.

sometimes i catch him reminiscing about his camera collection. ever since our family went through a financial crisis, everybody had to make sacrifices. he had to sell two of his cameras. the other two (his favorites), thankfully, he kept safely tucked in his closet.

i can't recall the last time he used his babies.

when i started to learn photography, i considered using his FM2. but the years of hiding in the closet earned his prized collection a lot of dust and molds that i can't even begin to describe. when i had it checked in one of the local photography outlets, i found out that the cleaining will cost about 2.6k - and that was two years ago. this was excluding any other repairs or replacements needed (i have a feeling his lenses need some cleaning, too...)


it would have been a great gift to have it repaired and see him shoot again. but then, i realized that the cost of film and developing will set him back to even more financial problems.

ah well, i tried.

i'm not giving up, though. when the right time comes (and i have the resources), i'll have his babies fixed and running smoothly in no time. of course, that's just my excuse to hog his FM2. hehe...^_^

to our one and only papa,

happy birthday!

mwah! :-*

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