Thursday, May 04, 2006

Life's a Beach!

Puerto Galera, May 2004
Canon Ixus Z65
scanned photo (thanks for the scanner, ma!)

i love the beach!!

when i was much younger, we (the families in my papa's side) make it a point to go to the beach or spend the weekend at lolo's fishpen almost every summer.

can't remember when this was taken. wasn't i a cute kid? :p the groovy lady in the shades was my glamorous tita lina. we will always miss her, especially on trips like this...

somehow, that out-of-town tradition was set aside as we got older. but when i began working, my friends and i often went on out-of-town trips.

the most memorable so far was on july 2000 when we were stranded for a week (!!) in Puerto Galera because of two typhoons that struck the island. and we were only supposed to stay overnight!

i can't think of any other beach trip that can top that!

that may have been our first visit to Galera but it sure as heck wasn't the last.

i've been there every summer until 2004. :)

and after two years of waiting....i'm finally coming back this weekend! my relatives from mama's side and i are all going to Galera for Lola's despedida (she's migrating to Canada).

i'm so excited! :D

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