Saturday, April 23, 2005

hey...look at that!

i am a visual person.

i love colors.

i cannot even imagine a world of black and white. i love watching movies and television. i prefer pictures over words. when i do read a picture-less book, i visualize the scenes, the characters, the emotions and i get lost in another world.

when i have to go someplace, it's easier for me to use a map than take down directions (i envy people who can go places just by remembering the directions in their head).

my papa loves to take pictures. i remember when i was younger, he would always take our pictures, stolen or "stolen." ["o, kunyari malungkot ka. ayan, harap dito. ngiti ng konti. ngiti..ngiti...ops, tama na yan. o, gusto ko may luha naman...oy, OA na yan ha!".....just kidding] one day i told myself that i wanted to do that, too. there's something about preserving a favorite memory in paper.

but college came and life became too chaotic for me. i actually joined the Camera Club once, my one and only futile attempt during my school years to pursue photography. of course, the only thing i took home with me was a keychain of a roll of Kodak film with a neon sticker that says "DLSU CAMERA CLUB." (i still have that keychain today). my ambition never did fly because i never even attended the orientation (well, you know. misplaced priorities and all...).

it got worse when i started working. i was so focused on proving myself in my job that all ambitions of ever pursuing anything besides programming flew out the window.

but the good thing about dreams is that they never die.

i left the IT world. i entered the crazy world of teaching children. and, suffice to say, all my dreams came crashing back. with a vengeance.

i mentioned in my first ever post that i was obssessing about buying a digital camera. you see, i want to delve into the wonderful world of photography. i really do. but my finances (or lack thereof) overrule my chances of going full blast. i can only use up a roll at a time. i was almost losing hope when a good friend of mine told me that Fuji developing centers can actually turn negatives into digital files (unfortunately for me, my camera only uses Advantix film. they don't count. darn.). so when you give them a roll of film, they give you a cd of all the pictures at a minimal cost. ALLELUIA!

after giving me a few tips here and there, papa told me i can use his SLR cameras (woohoo!). of course, there's always a catch. turned out that both of his cameras are jammed. the films loaded in them are already expired and i have to pay a certain amount to have it fixed. aaahh, life. always full of surprises.

but, i'm not discouraged. the fact is, i've got my dream back. and it'll take more than a jammed camera to hold me down, that's for sure.

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