Tuesday, April 19, 2005

picture this!

Canon Ixus Z65 & Canon EOS 20D

i have a serious digital camera obssession. seriously.

right now, i own a film camera. yes, that's right. a camera that actually uses FILM. in this digital age, i only know a few people who actually use film cameras (hhmm....so there's kit, nat....um....oh. that's about it.) of course, let's not forget the professional photographers and ultimate camera enthusiasts. but that's besides my point.

owning a digicam is such a frustration for me. not that i'm complaining about the quality of film cameras (Canon film cameras have excellent quality). i guess it's the hassle of having the film developed, filing it in an album/scrapbook, and - gasp! - scanning it for friends who want to see our shots ("Uy, pa-send ng pictures, ha!"). um, you know, that would be easy if I HAD A SCANNER!!! (mentally counting from one to ten....make that, one to twenty....)

ok. i'm calm.

case in point. owning a digital camera is much more convenient because:
1. i get to check my shots immediately after taking them,
2. i can delete shots that i don't like,
3. i can save it in my computer/cd/cellphone....(oh wait. my cellphone doesn't have a camera. but that's another story.),
4. i can print pictures that i really like, and
the top reason why owning a digital camera is more convenient than owning a film camera:
5. I CAN EMAIL THE PICTURES TO MY FRIENDS! (note to self: look for new friends...)

well, if i was still working in an IT company, i actually can buy a digicam. buuuut, i'm not working in an IT company anymore. i'm a preschool teacher (snaps to preschool teachers everywhere! - hhmm, i think i need to stay away from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy for a while). i love my work but unfortunately, the pay is not as, um, sufficient to acquire myself a brand spankin' new digital camera.

so there.

last saturday, i met up with friends in Greenbelt. after saying goodbye, i decided to use what's left of my film. have you seen those adorable ducks in the pond around the chapel?? soooo cute! anyways, i took pictures of these ducks. you know, God has a very funny sense of humor. really. at that same moment, there were two girls who were looking for somebody to take their picture. well, by some miracle, they saw me squatting on the bridge, desparately trying to take a good close-up shot of those (adorable) ducks. i don't know if this gave them the conclusion that i was some hotshot photographer, but when i was done, the owner of the camera tapped my shoulder and asked me if i could take their picture. now, that's not a big deal for me. i mean, people usually do that. but what blew me away was that this girl owns a CANON EOS 20D!! that's an SLR camera that has a whopping 8.2 megapixels!

AAAaaaaarrrrggh! just what i needed.

so there i was, taking an innocent picture of two people posing in front of the Greenbelt chapel. i think i even gulped when my (shaking) hands first held this digicam masterpiece. i was seriously fighting the urge to take off with her camera. i could always toss her my film camera to ease her pain.

what followed was an act of pure masochism. i headed for Avant (a high-end Abenson branch in GB4) to look (and drool, actually) at the display of digital cameras.

heavy sigh.

wait. not that i'm not doing anything to cure this addiction. i'm actually selling my Canon Ixus Z65 (please see Friendster classified ads for details. ehehe.). it's the only (legal) way i can think of that i can buy a digicam. the funny thing is, my prospect buyers actually think that i'm selling a digicam (even if i actually included FILMCAM in the details - except for my Friendster post. that was my mistake. ). you wouldn't believe the reactions i get after i emailed, posted, and texted people about this sale. all of them suddenly said they weren't interested anymore when they found out that i was actually selling a film camera.

another heavy sigh.

will i ever stop dreaming? (No!)
will somebody buy my film camera? (i hope!)
will i ever get to own a digital camera? (YES!!! i WILL find a way! *insane laughter*)


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