Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Thinker

while i was editing my posts, i just realized that i actually made my own blog w/o even thinking, researching, hesitating, or reading other people's blogs.


wait, before anyone screams, "Ang babaw mo!," i just want to explain myself.

i'm a person who enjoys planning ahead. before i go to sleep, i usually think of the things i have to do the next day. everytime i remember something important, i have to note it down in my cellphone's Calendar folder. i love to make lists in my head about anything and everything (favorite movies, favorite churches, favorite tv shows, favorite shirts that i currently own, things to look for in a guy...hehe.).

when i encounter something new, i normally:
1. observe from a safe distance
2. test the waters (by cautiously dipping my toes)
3. if it's safe, i jump in.

[notice that i just had to number the steps...]

oh, and i love to dream, too.

but for some reason, i didn't even go through my usual routine. it's as if something led me to that webpage and i just had to type (ok, a bit dramatic...). hhmm....well, if it's not that, then i must be either:
1. totally psyched about my digicam obssession, or
2. growing up & taking more risks in life

although my brain wishes that it was the latter, i'm pretty sure it's the first reason. (aw, shucks)

but so what, right???

there's nothing wrong with that.

at least, i don't think so.



let me think it over first...

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