Friday, December 29, 2006

change is good

yes, it is.

i just love the new Blogger! i completely changed my template. i've been through a lot these past years and this represents all those life-changing moments i've had. the template's name is Snapshot. very appropriate if you ask me, since my blog posts have been snapshots (literally and figuratively) of my life. it actually feels like i'm changing homes, even if the living quarters that i'm referring to is a bunch of html codes and pictures. maybe i should have a blog warming party. :D

anyway, just to show how major this change is for me, i'm actually keeping the pink colors in my site. i never considered myself a pink girl (that color is usually reserved for tonet) but lately i found myself in strange oh-look-i'm-wearing-pink predicaments. like that time i wore a pink shirt to our school's Family Day and a pink dress (gasp!) to gelli's debut. i just hope this is the start of something good. not that i'm giving up blue any time soon.

what i absolutely love about the new features is the post categories. i love it, i love it, i love it! now, i can just click on parties when i'm looking for all my posts about the gimmicks that i've been to or ramblings when i've lost my sense of humor.

but there's a catch. (whaaat??) because i've switched to the new template, the blog reverted to the old comments format. which means, i lost my Haloscan comments! :(( my apologies to all those who visited and left comments on my previous posts. i really don't know how to get those back and i don't want to touch the templates anymore. sigh.

so it's back to a clean slate for me (except for the comments prior to my Haloscan days.)
ah yes, change is good.
* * *
i'm still working on my last tis the season to be jolly... post. will probably post that before New Year.

anyways, i just want to wish everybody a fantastic 2007!

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