Sunday, December 24, 2006

tis the season to be jolly...with FPC!

and what a jolly season it has been!

apart from the regular dinner get-togethers and sleep-overs, i've been to four major parties this month. the first was, of course, gelli's debut which garnered two posts (because one just wasn't enough.) the other three? well, since all of them have been a blast, i'm giving them individual posts as well.

FPC @ Tiananmen Bar

december 7 was the Christmas party of
Flickrs Photo Club or FPC at Tiananmen Bar in Makati Avenue. it was my second time to attend an FPC event and i was pretty psyched to finally meet all the other amazing people of the group, most of whom have been my online friends through Flickr.

that night was also our school's final staff meeting for the year. i was worried that i'd be late for the dinner party. well, even if i was late, the photoshoot hasn't started yet so it was still ok. the minute i entered, i looked for our FPC "boss," pat (
Hocchuan.) he was seated in one of the "cubicles" (what do they call those Japanese style restaurant booths?) with other guys from FPC. after i registered, pat interrupted john edward's spiel to announce my presence (did you really have to do that, sir?? haha) to the group. after a round of introductions to the other FPC members, i took my seat between Spiegelbild and karen and indulged in my yummy dinner.

the minute john edward called out the first of several models the group hired for the photo shoot, the guys (and a few girls) scrambled to get a good spot in front of the stage. i was finishing my dinner while i watched the photographers and photo enthusiasts click away. since it was going to be a challenge to insert my petite self between the bodies, i took photos of the people and the bar instead.

the FPC shooters

JC and Lady G (with Spiegelbild and Leonard behind)

i loved the warm lighting and the hanging glasses in the bar.

the bar

the booze

later, i was able to take a few shots of the models. my camera's zoom had its limitations and i can only do much to get a close shot.

it's a bit grainy but i still like this close-up of the first model i photographed.


my favorite one was leslie, a favorite of shutterglass as well (as told to me by ronrag. hehe.)


i was able to take photos of the next model before they wrapped up the shoot.

my fellow Flickrians had amazing shots of the event! check out this
thread for more photos.

the highlight of the evening was the raffle. there were so many prizes! and none of which i took home (waaah!) well, at least i was able to get 3 free prints of the photos i took that night and an FPC pin. :D

with Spiegelbild (photo by Boso)

Lady G, Rabbit's Foot, Lord Jit, and moi (photo by Ed's)

to FPC, congratulations again on the successful party and here's to more Flickring!

* * *

the second event was definitely a night of music and fun. tis the season to be jolly with...well, you'll just have to wait and see. :D

to be continued!

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Sidney said...

Happy New Year!
Looks lik a fun event !