Friday, January 12, 2007

The Goal Keeper

re-reading the book that started it all

i suck at new year's resolutions, i really do.

which is why i scrapped them several years ago and decided to make my life goals instead. they don't have to be accomplished within the year, perfect for a procrastinator like me. hehe.

now that we just ushered in 2007, i revisited my life goals to check my progress. so far, i've done a few:
1. pursue teaching children
2. learn how to drive
3. buy my own digital camera
4. take up photography
5. join a photo group
6. volunteer in a non-profit organization
7. learn a musical instrument (i'm kinda cheating with this one because i stopped for a long least i tried ^_^)
8. go back to the gym (*cough*cough*)

last week, my cellgroup leader, flor, gave us homework for monday. make a list of our goals for this year. hmmm...most of the ones in my life list are long-term and not that feasible this year (except for the first two items below). so i had to think of more feasible goals...

1. graduate from my Masters program this april
finally, after (bleep!) years, i am at my last term in my graduate studies. whoopee! well, that's one thing then there's also that part about actually passing my last two courses...but i'm doing my best and i know i will graduate! or die trying! (let's all cross our fingers and toes and hope for the best, shall we?)

2. learn a new language
i'm learning sign language! after my activities with Talking Hands, i was motivated to learn sign. peebs, the master at sign language in TH, is holding another class. we're still waiting for 7 more interested people. hopefully we can start this month.

3. teach preschool in a nearby big school
ok, i'm saying it to the universe. i'm eyeing the big school just 10 minutes away from where i live. i can't mention the name of the school (yet). i know my bosses don't visit my blog but i'm just too paranoid. haha.

4. drink at least 2L of water daily
since i'm already working out (*cough*cough*), i just need to be more vigilant in my daily agua intake. as of now i feel i'm drinking about 1.5L each day. just one more 500mL mineral water bottle to go!

5. be more open to new possibilities (esp. in my personal life. ehem.)
haay...i'm swallowing my pride (it's an ongoing process) and vowing to be more flexible. let's see how far i can go. hehe. (i can almost see my cellgroupmates cheering)

i'm nearing another crossroad in my life and i just want to broadcast my plans just so you guys will remind me if i'm stalling. or distracted.



Sidney said...

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for 2007!
Those are exciting (and nice!)goals and resolutions for the future!
Keep it up!

aby said...
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aby said...

thank you, Sidney! :)

aby said...
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