Thursday, January 25, 2007

sneak peek

during our first home visit

ay caramba! has it been two weeks since my last post?!?

well, i've been a busy bee, what with the year-end requirements in my Toddler class, my last term in my graduate class, and all my extra-curricular activities. i'm right smack in the middle of Time Management 101 (with a little Stress Management on the side.)

this month, our Toddler class began our weekly home visits. every Thursday/Friday, the whole class visits their classmate at home. the kids are already establishing friendships and this weekly routine is a fantastic way to strengthen the bond. :)

other news...
last year, a friend of mine kept badgering me about copyrighting my photos. personally, i don't like seeing text on my pictures but with all the unauthorized copying and posting of photos online , i realized that it's time to be more careful. then yesterday, i read this discussion in the FPC group and sesame ellis' post. that's it. i'm copyrighting from now on!

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