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Sales 101

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hi. i just want to share an email i sent to my
community yesterday. change of pace (and mood) muna....i hope this story inspires you as it has truly inspired me. oh, and yeah. this is my sharing. :)
God truly has a great sense of humor.

this afternoon, i went to UP to meet (well, actually it's more of "to stalk"...) the person my friend recommended for my music therapy research. nung huling email ko, naghahanap ako ng taong nagpa-practice ng music therapy. i found out through a friend that this person even gives seminars on MT. the thing is, hindi alam ng kaibigan ko yung contact info ni Chat. so, like a true stalker, i called up the University to gather information. the best i could do was to get her class schedule. oh well.

flashback muna. two weeks ago, i waited for Chat before her class. unfortunately, the teacher decided to conduct his lesson outdoors. e iisa lang ang klase nya sa UP. kaya bigo ang pag-stalk ko.

fast forward to this afternoon.

i prayed to God that i would be able to meet Chat. i got there early to beat the rush hour. her class starts at 5:30 and i was there before 4.
ang aga ko, no?

well, i recently took up a new hobby - photography. so for the first half-hour, i walked around the area near Chat's building (ayoko nang lumayo e. hehe.) and took a few pictures. aba, napakatalino ko talaga, kasi nakalimutan kong magdala ng extra batteries. kaya ayun, namatay yung camera ko. e may isang oras pa ko. anong gagawin ko ngayon??

so i found a nice spot in the football field - a huge tree root to sit on. i realized i could actually have my prayer time there. i was sitting quietly, initiating a conversation with God, when somebody approached me.

isang Koreano.

and the first thing he asked me was, "Miss, are you OK?"

teka, mukha ba kong di ok?? nag-e-emote lang ako! anyway, i just smiled and answered, "Yes."

i was wondering what this was about (i was even tempted to look behind the nearest tree for a hidden camera or something) when he introduced himself as a Protestant pastor from the Presbyterian church and asked if i had a few minutes to spare. when i agreed, he sat down beside me and pulled out a sheet of paper.

hhmm...mukhang pamilyar tong scene na to a.

aba, random evangelization nga sya!

i did mention that God has a great sense of humor, right? well, yesterday during the prayer meeting, Ate Malou gave a talk on "Sales 101 for God: Evangelization." looks like i'm about to be evangelized!! also, during the worship last night, i prayed to God to bring back the zeal in my heart. lately, i've been experiencing spiritual dryness...

this afternoon, instead of the usual "prayer time format", God changed tactics.

the whole time Mr. Korean Pastor was speaking, i felt like i was starting my relationship with God all over again. actually, it was the first time that i was receiving the evangelization talk from somebody outside of SOLV...and from a Korean pastor, no less! during his sharing, i think he asked me twice if i was ok. i just nodded and told him to continue...little did he know that i was trying so hard not to cry. oo, narinig ko na yung talk. it's the same thing we underwent during our CETP days in La Salle. but God was speaking to me through his evangelization.

actually, the fact that a Korean Presbyterian pastor was evangelizing me was not what amazed me the most. what really blew me away was that he, along with other members of his church, flew all the way from Korea to spread God's Word to different Asian countries. they have two weeks in the Philippines before they fly to Japan to evangelize other people. i also found out that, annually, their church sponsors out-of-the-country random evangelization missions.


while most of us find it so difficult to leave our comfort zone and do random evangelization in malls or schools, they actually leave their own country to spread the Good News.

it was truly an enriching, humbling, and refreshing experience for me.

towards the end of his talk, i was dreading the closing prayer. sigurado kasing maiiyak ako e (hahaha!). fortunately (for me), he simply ended his talk with the last portion of the evangelization outline (whew).

sayang nga kasi aalis na sila this friday for Japan. i invited him and his brothers to the Crossroads Retreat (shempre, nag-plugging pa ko diba?? hehehe!). but then, they have an important mission also, so it's just as well.

anyway, after talking more about our faith, his church, and Korean telenovelas (sayang, di ko kasama yung ibang mga ka-CG ko - you know who you are :p i'm sure mas makakarelate sila doon sa mga actors na nabanggit nya...), my first "Korean pastor encounter" ended.

even if i still was not able to meet Chat (cancelled pala classes sa UP because of the rally!), i didn't feel bad.

God brought me there for a reason.

it was not coincidence that i did not see Chat the last time i was in UP because if i did, i wouldn't come back...
it was not coincidence that i had a lot of time in the afternoon because if i didn't, i wouldn't be there early.
it was not coincidence that the batteries of my camera died because if it didn't, i wouldn't have stopped and sat down to rest....

God brought me there for a reason.

and as i was driving home, i felt His warm embrace and heard Him whisper affectionately, "I LOVE YOU."

for more info on the Korean Presbyterian Church, you may check out this site:
more on their mission:

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