Friday, July 22, 2005

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Piece of Cake

last wednesday, i got to join the kids (who also happen to be my students last year) from the Pre-K1 afternoon class in their special activity. as part of their Baker theme, the class invited one of students' aunt to teach them how to decorate cupcakes. she loves to bake (her chocolate cakes are excellent!) and recently turned her favorite hobby into a small business.

i thought i was only going to observe but, as luck would have had it, i was given my own chocolate cupcake to decorate!! yipee!! (see, it pays to have good relations with the relatives of your former students. haha.)

i really had a great time. sobrang therapeutic pala sya. at first i was chatting with the kids (and teachers) but after a few minutes, seryoso na ko! hehe.

Tita Mia (our special guest) was kind enough to give me an extra cupcake (decorated by her, of course). can you guess which is my cupcake and which is hers? (ang hirap magdecide no??)


ok, if you understand what those letters mean, then you must be a Harry Potter fan, too.

yeah, you guessed right! i finally have my own copy of HPHBP!! woohoo!

can i just say how thrilled i am after reading the book?? di ko sya mabitawan! i read it for about 6 hours (excluding merienda and dinner breaks).

why am i thrilled?

oh wait.

just want to's not because of the ending ok??? (naiyak nga ako dito e)

it's because of...something else.

sige na nga, aaminin ko na. i'm a die-hard Harry-Ginny fan!! been one since after reading book 3. ewan ko ba. i just love rooting for the underdog. ^_^

sorry nalang dun sa mga di pa nakakabasa (or di pa tapos ma) pero talagang tuma-tumbling ako sa tuwa nung nabasa kong sila na. *^_^*

although their ending was kinda expected given their current situation, i wasn't disappointed. to be honest, the ending was reminiscent of Spiderman 1...ah well, that's what happens when you get involved with The Hero.

kaya ok rin yung low-profile lang e. tignan nyo ko...low-profile. nasobrahan nga lang. ^^

"Someday my half-blood prince will come....." (hm. somehow that didn't sound right.)

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