Friday, July 08, 2005

tidbits. and then some.


i just realized that the photos in my gallery cannot be copied. see, i'm just a freeloader in the site so i don't get the nice privileges (such as the ability to download the pictures). kawawa naman si rica. dami pa naman nyang kuha sa site ko. hehe.

ayan, napahanap tuloy ako ng ibang online gallery provider...unfortunately, di ko nagustuhan yung sites nila e. too many things going on in just one page (e.g. ads, frames, more scrollbars, friends, blogs, etc.) the ones that i do like are not for i ended up going back to my original site. oh well.

kaya rica, magrequest ka nalang sa kin kung may gusto kang ipa-forward na pix, ha? :p

Going Steady

my papa gave me a small, old (but the case was still unopened) Vivitar tripod. it's the rubber, adjustable kind. he found it while he was rummaging through his closet one day. i was so touched. :)

so i guess i can say goodbye to blurred close-ups from now on. woopee!

Ilang Tulog Nalang...

...Embassy night na! ^_^

Aby Phone Home

tinopak nanaman ako kanina. there are days when i suddenly have the urge to catch a certain movie at the last minute that it'll be too late to invite a friend. (aaah,the perks of being single. teka. perk ba yun??) on my way home after my class this afternoon, i just felt like watching War of the Worlds. i was already at The Fort that time and i found myself turning the wheel towards Market! Market!, falling in line at the movie booth, and entering the theater.

prior to this, my friend warned me about how the movie sucked (sorry nalang sa mga fans ng movie...^_^). well, since i wanted to catch it since i saw the trailer, i just ignored her low opinion and hoped for the best. hehe. after all, i wasn't looking for an intellectually-stimulating or thought-provoking story (hello, i came from my masters class! i've had enough mental stimulation for the day.). i just wanted to see Tom Cruise...hahaha! actually, i wanted to be entertained (but the other statement is true, too. ^_~).

so how did i find it? it was more disturbing than entertaining, actually. it is definitely not the typical Spielberg sci-fi film. it's not family-oriented (i think kids shouldn't even watch it!). it wasn't a feel good movie. don't get me wrong. it had a happy ending. just not what i expected. there were scenes that were downright nasty. i mean, really...sucking the life out of humans and turning their blood into fertilizer?!? and what about that scene where all the clothes of captured and killed people were slowly falling to the ground, like dried leaves? gave me the chills. (oops, pardon the spoilers) i wanted to cover my ears, close my eyes, and tell myself over and over, "I am in a happy place. I am in a happy place." it isn't the movie to watch when you've had too many cups of coffee, i tell you. ewan ko ba. hirap talaga pag masyado active ang imagination. (0_o)

i still had a hangover while i was driving around The Fort. i could see buildings that turned into alien ships.

and the "bat signal" of a certain spot at The Fort (may happening ata doon) looked like the laser beams of the ships that zapped the people into oblivion. see? way too active imagination. (ay, di pala halata sa picture yung beam...)

my nightmare began on my way home. nasa Floodway na ko (a loooooong strip that can lead you to certain areas in Pasig and Rizal) tapos napansin kong traffic na. i wasn't worried. that happened to me before. i love passing Floodway because there are no stoplights and major intersections. of course, once you encounter an accident or some other disturbance, you can't get out. i was stuck there. still, i wasn't worried. i even spent time tinkering my camera and taking silly shots.

the red droplets on this photo reminded me of a particularly eerie scene in the movie. tsk, tsk, tsk. hopeless na ko talaga.

when i got to the intersection going to Taytay, i gave a sigh of relief. finally. see, once i get there, it's just a straight drive along the rice patches and unfinished subdivisions and i'm home.


did i tell you i spent almost an hour at the main road in Floodway? let's add another hour on the road to Taytay. oh, and my car battery died on me. yun lang naman. sa kakapatay-sindi ko ng battery, bumigay sya. i was lucky that my car broke down right beside a gate of a subdivision. some of the guys riding the jeep behind me helped me out by pushing the car to a clear and safe spot. i was in a dilemma. i knew my Papa was home but i didn't want to call him. stupid pride, really. so i waited for several minutes. baka kelangan lang lumamig ng makina. after about 10 years, it still won't start. ok, i had to call for help. he told me to wait for him (as if i had a choice). he was going to bring the other car so we could do a series connection with the batteries. that time, the traffic was terrible. both lanes were filled with cars. the single lane heading towards Taytay had two columns of cars already. and i could see people hopping down from their commute and walking down the was a scene from my own disaster movie. terrific.

after another 10 years, help arrived. we waited until the traffic cleared (mas mahirap pag tumirik kami habang nakapila). after two hours, and thirty minutes of braving the traffic and waiting for my car to start, i was finally home.

really, there's no place like it.

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