Tuesday, July 05, 2005


i've never particularly liked rain.

rainy days make me lazy. sleepy. and sad. (i think i got this from watching too many cheesy music videos)

but for a preschool teacher, rain can be her ally. it's a simple equation, really.

signal #1 = NO CLASSES

it's been raining non-stop today but, unfortunately, no signal declaration whatsoever. yeah, yeah, i know. i should be thankful that the storm is not as destructive as the past typhoons but, hey, a teacher can dream, right?


i should be doing my report on Music Therapy but, like i said, i'm feeling LAZY. ("Blame it on the rain, yeah, yeah...")

so i made hot chocolate instead (hahaha!). spiked with coffee and milk. it's my lame attempt at homemade cafe mocha. ^_^

well, for those of you who're too lazy to work (like me), you can take a break and go on a
digital tour...

...while i try to motivate myself to open my Introduction to Music Therapy textbook (*yawn*). pag tinitigan ko ba sya, lalapit sya sa kin? ooh, i have an idea! Accio, textbook!!

Accio, textbook!!

Accio, blue textbook!!

Accio, textbook on Music Therapy!!

Accio, Introduction to Music Therapy textbook!!

hm. mukhang kelangan ko ulit magpa-consult kay pareng Dumbledore.

happy browsing!:)

notes to self:
- when going to Baywalk, bring a friend (i was too paranoid while taking pictures that i couldn't use both hands to hold the camera. had to use my left hand to hug my bag. hirap tuloy i-steady yung cam. - excuses, excuses. hahaha!)
- bring my camera at all times

Accio, ALL BOOKS!!!!


star, kung binabasa mo pa rin tong post ko, pansin mo ba yung photo? :D i've finally figured out how to enlarge it. ah well, better late next time! este, better luck than never!! a whatever! :p
nahalata tuloy yung boo-boo ko: not noticing that the lamp post had a busted bulb and a few dirty ones...hehehe.

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