Thursday, June 30, 2005

trigger happy


nakikita nyo ang litratong to?

pagmasdan nyo nang mabuti.

oo, ako yan.

at nakikita nyo ang hawak ko dito?

oo, camera sya.

digital camera.

hulaan nyo kung kaninong digital camera yan...


Aw, shoot!

yes, you thought right.

i have a new digital camera.
the Canon Powershot A520.

i am blessed because i have a very good friend in Singapore. and i am doubly blessed because of the three greatest words in electronics: Great Singapore Sale!

fortunately, my friend agreed to buy the camera that i wanted while it was still on sale. and when i say sale, i mean sale! the cameras are not only cheaper, but they also come with lots of freebies!! i couldn't believe all the stuff i got for free!

aside from the discounted price for my camera, i also received...drumroll please...

2 pcs. of 128Kb memory cards
battery charger w/ 4 rechargeable batteries
camera case (worth PhP1,000++!)

panalo, diba??

oh wait. that's not the end of it.

because she's a friend, i can pay her within the year. installment basis. no interest. no down payment.

now i can take as many pictures as i want without worrying about the cost!! (i feel like a product endorser. hahaha!)

aaah...this is the life...

so, expect more photos in my gallery. can't wait! ^_^

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