Friday, June 17, 2005


i wanted to try out something new on my blog. so i subscribed to HaloScan just to see what all the fuss is about.

after installing and customizing it to my liking, i viewed my site and...lo and behold...the tweaking worked but all the comments to my posts are gone!
waaah!!! :`(

sheesh. and i thought upgrading my blog was a piece of cake. i'm not even planning to change my layout...yet. actually, i've been trying to design my own webpage two years ago (after i resigned). but my fickle, fickle mind wouldn't allow me because i always ended up changing the design after about two months into my "final" layout. pag sinipag nalang siguro ako.

but in the meantime, i'm quite satisfied with my current layout, thank you very much.

star, in case you haven't read my reply to your comment on my last post, here's the summary [can't recall the exact words e]:

thanks...heeeey. i thought i was only going to answer 5 questions???

well, in case we can't change surnames, i'll still agree. hahaha! am i so desparate?? anyways, ipapasok ko nalang mga anak namin sa martial arts class para alam nila kung pano "sumagot" sa mga alaskador. hehe.

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