Wednesday, June 08, 2005


i love surprises! well, the good kind anyway.

this afternoon, i went to Megamall to get a haircut and to have my two rolls of film from my recent Avilon trip developed. for some reason, i suddenly recalled what my friend told me before - that Fuji developing centers can actually scan a roll of film and save the photos in a cd. initially, i had a feeling they didn't accept Advantix films. but today i was feeling optimistic.

so before getting my long overdue haircut, i headed for Fuji developing center and asked them if they accepted Advantix films. i held my breath as i waited for the lady's reply. she said...yes! woopee! i wanted to scream at the top of my lungs. instead, i reached for the two rolls and calmly told her, "Miss, pa-scan." [hehe]

and the best surprise was, they charge 145 pesos per roll. it doesn't matter if my film has 12 shots or 40 shots. it's the same price. what a great deal! too bad i didn't know that before i bought the films or i would've gotten the 40 shots instead of 2 rolls of 25 shots. but, that's ok. at least now i know.

i am so giddy just thinking about how much i could save by having my negatives scanned instead of having them developed. ahh, i really love surprises.

you can look at the scanned photos
here. too bad some of the photos are blurred. i'm still getting the hang of my camera's close-up function. anways, if you see pictures with a hazy animal, you can always appreciate the background. hehe. ^_~

tinatuna, ma-inggit ka na sa min ni ricababes! :p


tinatuna said...

ang gaganda ng pics mo!
pero akala ko aalisin mo na 'yung bars sa pictures? ba't may bar 'yung sa lion tsaka sa isang ibon? =P

tinatuna said...

tiger pala 'yun...naduling ako.

ricababes said...
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ricababes said...

Kaya po may bar yung sa isang tiger eh mainit kasi ang ulo nya nang araw na we choose (wisely) not to antagonize her further!he he he ;D Aby, cute nyo ni "big bird"!

aby said...

actually ang totoo nyan...kaya may bar ung tiger kasi di ko na masingit ung lens ng cam ko. e pano ko naman masisingit un e halos nakadikit na mukha nya sa screen! :O

ung ibon naman...di kasya lens ko e. ^_^

oo na, rica, maganda na pix namin :p

ricababes said...

ha ha ha :D me pix ka pa sa akin ..yung sa face-to-face kayo ni Rosanna (or was it Regine???) at yung sa eagle. send ko pag na-download ko na ;)

star said...

galing nung shot ng owl na kirat :) ey, ready na yung interview questions mo. sagot ka na dali! :)

aby said...

tnx, star! :D check ko na email ko. ayan! may gagawin na ko over the weekend. hihihi.