Saturday, June 11, 2005

Catherine ZetARABIT

for some insane reason, i suddenly had the urge to Google my name. la lang. and what did i see? a link to an ancient webpage of my old project in my former company.

aaaaarrrgggghhh! this is hilarious! i can't even remember Gilbert making this site. and can you believe that picture?? i look 6 years least. and that was about 6 years ago. so that makes me 12 years old now. hahaha!

i was reading my answers to the survey.

IF YOU COULD HAVE ANY JOB YOU WANTED, WHAT WOULD IT BE: madami, eh. siguro......anything to do with movies (behind the scenes ha!)

hm. this was written months before i decided i wanted to be a teacher. sabi ko na nga ba my heart was in showbiz...

check out our Tabing Ilog picture. don't you just love my hair??

the scrapbook was our going away present to Didith, our team lead. aren't we the sweetest members ever?? :p (i think sipsip is a better term) i remember spending the entire night shift huddled in the corner segment, trying desparately to be quiet while making the scrapbook. like we weren't obvious! Didith could smell us a mile away. we actually had our own jobs. i was in charge of the lettering, the yosi boys were in charge of making the burnt effect on our paper (to make it look ancient), the girls were in charge of fixing the layout of our pictures, while the rest of the bunch went out to buy our party food (i.e. Andok's chicken and liempo). oh, and Gerald was the commander-in-chief. my favorite part was when the yosi boys complained of yosi overdose (was that even possible for them??) because not only did they smoke more than 3 sticks, but they had to do that in record time. can you imagine rex getting dizzy from smoking?!? unbelievable!

another favorite picture is The Graffiti.

i believe i have the right to say that it was my idea (hah! :p). well actually, it started when i used Doins' computer for a few minutes and decided to post an "aby was here" wallpaper as my way of thanking her. when the others saw this, they started adding their own crazy entries.

aaahh, memories. this is definitely a great (and amusing) way to reminisce.

to gilbert, cheers to you! :p

[note: check out the site for a larger view of the pictures]


tinatuna said...

Aby, para yatang ginagaya mo 'yung pose ni Marilyn Monroe. ang galing, kuhang-kuha! pang showbiz ka nga!

Peace! =)

Lilibre mo ako pagdating ko, ah. =D

star said...

nene at dyunyor ang mga chura. hehehe! i chanced upon that site a few months before. pinakita ko kay waltz.. hehe! payat pa si gilbert .. hahhaa!

san na interview answers mo? tagal naman.. :)

aby said...

ayan na po! ipopost ko na!