Thursday, June 23, 2005


the last time i checked, i installed HaloScan and lost all my comments...has it been a week already since my last post?? whew.

i've been a busy, busy bee. a lot of stuff going on w/ the start of classes (both preschool and masters), my comeback to the community, and other stuff on the side. i shall try my best to give a recap of the recent events. this is a long read so get ready with your popcorn!

Back To School!

our classes officially started last june 14. as of now, i have one Toddler class in the morning (8:45-11:00). i'm hoping that more toddlers will enroll in the afternoon class so i could be full-time buuuut...that could take a while.

anyways, it's been an emotional roller coaster ride since the beginning of school. remmber Ice? weeelll, now i can see him everyday! woopee! he's sooo adorable. i'm so tempted to wrap him in a towel and carry him home with me. actually, ALL our kids are adorable! most of them aren't that verbal yet so it's a challenge to strike up a conversation with them (well, it's more of a monologue...w/ me doing all the talking. hahaha!). i can't wait to see how they'll develop this schoolyear!

i did mention it's been an emotional roller coaster ride right? the downside to our class now is that we have a child who has a bit of a problem...not that she has a disability or's more of a behavior problem. during our first week, we had the usual cases of fighting over a toy (which is a common toddler incident) and all. but this week, she started pulling the hair of her friends (yes...more than one child), grabbing their shirts, pinching them, and just this morning, she pushed one of her friends who happened to be standing on a 2-step platform by the sink to wash his hands. i saw that particular incident but it was too late. aarrgghh!! i wish i could fly to the other side of the room to save him buut...that didn't happen. it's a good thing he's a bit cushioned the blow (hehe). of course, that didn't make it better for me. there's still the situation of facing his (very particular and meticulous) mom. *sigh* the perks of being a Toddler teacher. hurrah.

my co-teachers and i discussed the problem and decided that one of us would shadow the girl to prevent any pushing, pulling, grabbing, and pinching incidents from happening again. of course, that's easier said than done. so...wish me luck! (i think i'm going to need an extra dose of vitamins after this...)

S.H.A.C.K.L.E.S...Break Free!!

last sunday, i was able to attend the Singles Conference of the Light of Jesus community (they're also the people from Shepherd's Voice Publications). actually, i'm already a regular at The Feast (a different event that they hold every first Sunday of the month @ Camp Aguinaldo) but this is the first time i attended a conference for the Singles.

i actually found out about the conference through their online forum (where i'm a member). i haven't met any of them before the conference so i was really looking forward to the event. i was supposed to go with two friends but they couldn't make it so i was on my own. yikes!

for the first time (ever) in my life, i was going to a major event by myself...and without knowing anyone from the group. i was a bit nervous when i arrived. initially, i was feeling left out since most of the guests had their own groups already. the conference was held in an auditorium so it was kinda hard to look for a familiar face. after an encouraging text message from ricababes (tnx, by the way ^_^), i mustered up some courage and marched to the registration area to look for my "forum friends."

after talking to several bewildered ushers (they didn't know what an online forum was), i spotted a couple of people talking by the gallery area. i approached them and asked if they're part of the forum. and they are!! what a relief!! i discovered it was Herald and Mari, two of the regular members of the message board. and guess what. Mari was not only a fellow La Sallian, but she also attended our meetings in my community (Servants of the Lord's Vineyard) while we were still in college. it's a small world after all!

the conference was a very enlightening, encouraging, and enriching experience for me. i was able to listen to two powerhouse speakers (Arun Gogna and Rissa Singson) - too bad i missed Adrian Panganiban's talk (i had to leave because i had dinner w/ my family). the personal sharings were heart-warming and the hosts were hilarious! to top it all off, i was able to make new friends. :) we're actually organizing an official EB so we could meet the other members who didn't get to attend the conference. can't wait! :)

The Return of the Comeback

for more than a month, i didn't attend any meeting from my Catholic community (SOLV) for the simple reason that I DIDN'T HAVE ANY MONEY. (waaaah!) see, that's one of the drawbacks of having summer vacation.

anyways, now that school started, i have a regular salary again and i was able to attend our meetings. it's great to be back. :)

The Answer to the Ultimate Question is...42

ok, you have to watch The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy to understand the title. fortunately, one of the sisters in my community was able to get free tickets to the premiere last Monday.

i'm not going to give a blow-by-blow analysis of the movie anymore because...i don't know how to even begin! super babaw ng story pero nakakatawa! ewan ko kung mababaw lang talaga kami pero tawang-tawa talaga kami dun sa ibang eksena. my favorite character is Marvin, the manic-depressive robot ("What's the use?"). inaabangan ko lagi yung mga side comments nya e. what a riot!

well, if you want to relax and watch a no-brainer movie, then this is the flick for you!

Tag, You're It!

o, tintoots, eto na sagot ko dun sa mga tanong mo:


* things you enjoy, even when no one around you wants to go out and play.
* what lowers your stress/blood pressure/anxiety level?
* make a list, post it to your journal...
* and then tag 5 friends and ask them to post it to theirs.

my answers:

* i enjoy:
o [window] shopping
o being on the look out for a good "Kodak moment"
o people-watching (hehe)
o making my kids laugh ^_^

* my therapy:
o playing with my kids
o an amazing full body massage
o 8 full hours of sleep (which is a luxury these days...sigh)
o laughing my brain out
o CHOCOLATE!! [particularly dark chocolate...yum]

* tag, you're it!
o lorms
o abbie

Picture Perfect

an angel in disguise informed me that there's an even cheaper developing center that can scan films and save the shots in a CD. Photoline actually charges PhP 195 for every 80 shots. and that includes the CD already! what a great deal!

i had my old films scanned but i still have to post them in my gallery.

abangan nyo nalang! :p

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