Wednesday, June 15, 2005

interview me!

here are my answers to star's thought-provoking questions. [star, sorry ngayon lang ako naka-online. anyways, napaisip ako dito ha! :p]

1. If you were Chico's Baby Whale, would you ever be jealous of Delamar?

i wouldn't be jealous...i would be EXTREMELY jealous! Chico and Delamar are soulmates. i really envy their relationship. they have this chemistry that cannot be matched by other DJ pairs (sorry to fans of other DJ's...). they're the epitome of a classic couple: finishing each other's sentences, sharing interests, bickering over trivial things...sayang lang talaga hindi sila (is it obvious that i'm a fan???). now if i were in a relationship with Chico, i would be totally threatened by Delamar. how can i compete with her and what they have? (if only Chico would admit who Baby Whale is...)

of course, i can always be my charming self and knock his pants off. haha!

2. What's your favorite mistake?

i usually make it a point to forget my mistakes (gives me less wrinkles...). but right now, my favorite mistake would be the time i missed out on applying for a masters degree scholarship last year. i was late & got so frustrated because i missed the deadline by a few days only. one of the requirements is the latest copy of my ITR and at that time, all i had was my last ITR from my former company.

this year i remembered to submit the requirements on time. i already have the latest income tax return from my current work (preschool) and a very dramatic letter of request (haha). it was approved! and the best part is, i got a 50% DISCOUNT! (woopee!)

if i applied last year, i definitely will be rejected because of my old salary stated on the form. but now that i have a much (MUCH) lower amount, i got the scholarship! of course, now that i think about it...i realized my current salary was that low considering they gave me half the price...hhhmmm...

3. Your boyfriend is the best guy in the world, and you love each other without a doubt. He is almost perfect, but his surname is Pangit. He wants you to carry his family name. Would you still marry him?

this has to be my favorite question.

well, considering it's hard for me as it is to even have a boyfriend, i'd definitely agree (hahaha!). pero kawawa naman yung kids namin diba? i can just imagine the name-calling they'd receive in school (not to mention from my own biological family. that's actually much worse). so before we get married, we'll just request for a change of surname... preferably any of the following: Ayala, Ortigas, Rufino, Cojuanco, Tantoco...well you get the picture. now i can have the perfect husband AND the perfect name to boot! :p

4. Would you rather be an unmarried single parent, or be married with no kids?

good question! hm. this is a tough question for me. being a Libran, i always weigh (pun intended) things before making a decision, especially major ones. and after a day, i still don't have an answer (yikes!). but i really don't want to ponder on this for a long time (as if a day wasn't long enough!) so i'll do my best to answer the question...

if i were an unmarried single parent, i would have my own child, but my child will have to grow up without his/her father around. of course, this is if the father and i had a bad breakup or something. but if he and i remain friends, i guess that means he will still be around. oh wait. see, i'm complicating things again...erase, erase. ok. let's just say we had a bad breakup and i'm left to raise our child on my own.

if i were to be married with no kids, i'd be happy but will still feel lacking because we don't have any children.

given these choices, i would have to say that i'd rather be married w/o children.

as a teacher, i know how important it is for a child to grow up with both parents around. this is not to say that i am being prejudiced towards single parents. i respect their choice. but if i had to make a decision, i would rather have a complete, loving family. a father's role is different from his wife's and it will be a challenge for me to fill in the gaps if i were to be a single parent. i don't want to get into the details or i end up quoting authors from education books (we wouldn't want that!:p).

anyway, my husband and i can always adopt a child. this way, not only will we have a son/daughter, but it'll also be for a good cause. so in the end, everybody wins! :D

5. You found a thousand peso bill tucked somewhere in your wallet. How would you spend it?

i wish i can say that i'd give it to charity or some other good cause but i'd rather be honest ^_^. if i found a thousand pesos in my wallet, i would defintely buy myself something nice and useful, such as a pair (or two, if possible) of pants or sneakers. frankly, shopping for myself is such a luxury now that i'm a teacher. [*sigh*] my recent purchase was a blouse (worth less than 300) that i actually got for half the price. that has been, more or less, the kind of lifestyle that i have for over a year now. it's challenging considering my previous shopping habits (Bayo, Maldita, Kamiseta, and Celine, here i come!) regrets pa rin Ü. as they say, it's not in the clothes. it's how you WEAR the clothes. ^_~

* * *

Here are The Official Interview Game Rules:
1. If you want to participate, leave a comment below saying “interview me.”
2. I will respond by asking you five questions - each person’s will be different.
3. You will update your journal/blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview others in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

If you don’t have a blog, I will still ask you 5 unique questions and you can post your answers here.


star said...

eh pano kung hindi pumayag si mr. pangit sa change name? :)

alam mo, sana nga sina chico and delamar na lang. kaya lang siguro, there's too much familiarity na nga sa kanila kaya ayaw na din nila. gustung-gusto ko yung sabay silang tatawa (as in guffaw) tapos biglang magpe-fade yung laugh nila. haha! miss ko na sila. :(

bilib ako sayo mare. giving up bayo and kamiseta for the kids. wow! ang lakas ng power ha? hehee! sige pa, inspire mo pa ako. kelangan ko yan. hehehe!

great answers! pero bawal nga palitan ang apelido ni boyfriend.. pano yan?

aby said...

thanks.....heeey, hanggang 5 questions lang ako diba??? :p ok fine....payag pa rin ako. am i so desparate??? hahaha! ipapasok ko nalang mga anak namin sa martial arts classes para ma-handle nila ung mga alaskador sa buhay nila. hi-yaaaah!