Tuesday, June 28, 2005

digitally remastered

i was able to have a few old rolls of films scanned at Photoline for a very cheap price (PhP 195 pesos for 80 shots!).

the result? "digitally remastered" shots!! (woopee!)

aside from adding new albums, i also replaced some of the old pictures in my gallery.

you can read all about this trip in my previous post, it's a jungle out there! i was able to revisit the zoo (w/ rica) and meet that pesky tiger again...this time, i actually caught him yawning. am i really that boring??? (haha)

mico...my favorite dog. come to think of it, he's our only dog! he's part Doberman - er - Mini Pin, part askal (acts like one, that is), and part performer. he's tiny but don't tell him that. he actually thinks he's a big, ferocious guard dog. too bad his constant yapping at the passers-by doesn't scare them one bit. some of the boys in our street even make it a habit to pass by in front of our house just to annoy mico...and once in a while i let our dog loose just to let them have it. (hahaha!) not to worry, people. his bark is definitely worse than his bite.

just this summer, gelli & i decided to take mico on a road trip to a nearby subdivision. his first time to ride a car! sayang nga, wala akong videocam. the minute we hoisted him up to the passenger's side, his legs started to shake. poor mico was scared to death. he didn't even move the whole time (the ride took about 2-3 minutes so that wasn't so bad).

once we got down the car, his nervousness was replaced with excitement. mico began running wildly around the village and marking his territory (kawawang puno at poste!). there were moments when we tried to keep up with him as we held on to his leash. wow, i didn't even know he was that strong. i guess all the bouncing and yelling at our neighbors eventually paid off.

when it was time to go home, we didn't have any problems with mico. in fact, he was so at home in the vehicle. humiga pa sya at tumapat sa aircon! hahaha!

we haven't taken him out on another road trip, though. well, maybe next time we could go to a farther place...i'll just make sure to bring a doggie bag. ^_^

rica and i went on a retreat last holy week. it was an amazing experience. just what we needed. :)

well, i still have about 3 more rolls of film to go. in the meantime, happy browsing! (and feel free to leave a comment or two...)

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