Thursday, June 02, 2005

Ice, Ice Baby!


before you're wondering why i'm on the verge of death, let me explain...

this afternoon, i called up the parents of one of my students for our regular house calls before our class starts. the bad news was, the parents were not home. but...there's good news. my student, Ice, was home....Ü (woopee!)

he was my student in our summer playgroup class. soooo adorable! grabeeee!! if kidnapping wasn't against the law, i would've snatched him and brought him home in a heartbeat. argh!

anyways, i was talking to his yaya when i heard him in the background. shempre, si yaya tinawag kagad ang alaga.

Yaya: Ice! It's Teacher Aby! Come here!
Ice: Teacher? (take note. this guy turned two just last May... :D)

she hands him the phone...

Me: Hi Ice!!
Ice: Hiii! (awwww...)
Me: [was about to ask him something...]
Ice: [interrupted] asdfhoiasdf play..baskeball!

[note: the unintelligible words are just my way of saying that i couldn't understand what he was saying. hehe.]

Me: Really? You're playing basketball?
Ice: asodiurljoeut!
Me: Oh, ok! [trying to keep up w/ the conversation]
Ice: adfo asdliu!
Me: Where are Mommy and Daddy?
Ice: Wher Mommy, Daddy? [pauses for a few seconds] office!
Me: Really? [actually, they were in a prayer meeting]
Ice: Wher Mommy? Wher Daddy? In office!
Ice: Wher Mommy? Wher Daddy? In office!
Ice: Wher Mommy? Wher Daddy? In office!
[pause...ok, is this a recording???]
Ice: Wher ldurosuet cousin Rau?
[note: his cousin, Rau, was also my student and will be his classmate this schoolyear]
Me: Where's Rau?
Ice: sdiurtotnd Rau?
Me: Did you have dinner already?
Ice: adoir aduout?

i could hear his yaya in the background...

Yaya: Ice! Teacher is still working! Say bye-bye na!
Ice: Babay!
Me: Bye Ice! [*sniff*]

i thought he was going to give the phone back to her...

Ice: adlutlsdug butterfly!!!! [giggles]
Me: There's a butterfly in your house?
Ice: aduout butterfly outside!!! [more giggles]
Me: Wow! [mind you, he couldn't hear a word i was saying because he was having an intense giggle fit]
Ice: diuas goudsoug sie!!! [crazy laughter]

Yaya [in the background]: Ice! That's enough! Say goodbye na!
Me: [laughing so hard]
Ice: sdoug osoudgh!! ahihihi!! [crazy laughter]
Me: [dying!! he's sooo cute!!!]

after a few seconds of non-stop laughter, he finally stopped...

Me: Bye Ice. I'll see you in school!
Ice: Bye Teacher!
Me: Bye! [ok, i did NOT want to let go of the phone...]
Ice: I miss you!
Me: Miss you, too!
Ice: Take ker! Lob you! Babay! Ga bess! ["God bless!"]

he finally gave the phone back to his yaya.

Yaya: Nako, Teacher, pasensya na. Mahilig talaga magtelepono si Ice e.
Me: Ok lang yun! [translation: Akin nalang alaga mo!]

aaarrrggghhh!!! i wanted to die!!

come June 14, i'll surely be dead. that's our first day and i'll see Ice again. arrrggghh! death by extreme cuteness!!


i seriously need help.


star said...

aby, i'm in love with ice!!! hahahaha! galing mag-German huh?! :)

TinTooT said...

blagurwpwape brihoenr!!! =)

aby said...