Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Welcome to the Jungle!

last sunday, i went back to Avilon Zoo with rica. unlike my first visit, we were there early. i was hoping to catch the 9 am tour. unfortunately, the long line in Information made us 5 minutes too late for the 9 o'clock tour (tsk, tsk, tsk...). even if we were finished paying by 9:05, we still had to wait for the 10 am tour! (aaarrrggghh!) dami rin kasing tao non. so rica and i just decided to start taking pictures to kill time...while i had a jumbo hotdog for snacks. hehe.

if you hate crowds, you should definitely not go to Avilon on a sunday. the place was PACKED! during our tour, the group had to be breaked up into three because of the size. whew. but the nice thing about it was, it was more fun being with more people. plus, rica and i had a better chance of stalling to take more pictures since the tour guide wouldn't notice us. hahaha!

taking the tour the second time was still an exciting experience. moreso because i also wanted to show off the animals to rica (pwede na ba ko tour guide? hahaha!). actually, there were some animals that i wasn't able to see on my first visit and there were some that we missed out on the second visit. but overall, the tour was still enjoyable, especially the part where we saw the big cats. this time, i was able to get better pictures! (woo-hoo!) of course, that meant going under the railings and pressing myself on the cage to insert the lens of my camera through the gaps. i had a feeling a lot of people were either laughing at me or shaking their heads at my antics. hey, i have a film camera, people! i need to get close because my camera does not have a screen!!

to make a long story short, i was able to use up two rolls of film (25 shots each). i wasn't sure when i'd go back so i wanted to make the most out of my visit. we were lucky the weather was good during our tour because when we were done, it started to drizzle. it was as if the raincloud waited us to finish...cool. ^_^

Good-bye Summer

the whole summer i was complaining about the heat. but now that it's raining more often, i actually miss it. weird.

Back to School!

today is officially the last day of my summer vacation as a teacher. tomorrow, the faculty will begin meeting to plan for this schoolyear. sniff. i'll miss my summer hiatus.

actually, my graduate class began last saturday. i'm so lazy to do my homework. need motivation! argh!

our classes will start on June 14. can't wait to meet the kids! ^_^


ricababes said...

i was really excited with our pix ...until I have realized that our pose with "big bird" was actually so common that every one that has been to Avilon had one just like it :( Oh! and you forgot to mention damaging one of the railings when you bump your head into it! he he he xOx

aby said...

hoy! hindi ganon katigas ulo ko noh. the railing was NOT damaged...it was just... slightly...dented. >:)