Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Episode II: top 10 reasons why it's cool to be a Jedi knight

10. if you lose a body part, it can easily be replaced.

9. two words: light. saber.

8. you save money by wearing the same (boring) wardrobe day after day after day...

7. you can use the Force to see who's bluffing in a poker game or finish a large Slurpee in one slurp without getting even a hint of brain freeze.

6. when you're hanging on to the end of a pole a gazillion feet from the ground, you can always use your telepathic powers to call your twin sister to save you.

5. you get all the cheesy and dramatic lines in a sci-fi movie (wait for my next post for more details)

4. when you're in trouble, you can always blame it on the "disturbance in the Force."

3. Yoda gets to kick your ass and insult your intelligence at the same time (this is cool...if you're a masochist!!!!)

2. you get to use your mind power to influence other people. just think of what it can do to my school grades ("Ma'am, i will get a 4.0 in your course...and an all-expense-paid trip around europe."), my work+social life (star & myself to our project members after skiving off to watch Episode II in the middle of our night shift: "We just went out for finish your work."), my lovelife (to Brad Pitt: "Worship me!"), and my sanity (to all EDSA drivers: "Tumabi kayong lahaaaaaaat!!!!!").

1. your father just might be the most-powerful-Jedi-Knight-who-turned-to-the-dark-side-to-work-for-the-Emperor-but-reverted-back-to-a-good-guy-after-saving-you-and-getting-killed-in-the-process [insert Darth Vader musical score and heavy breathing]


star said...

aargh! i remember leia's donut hair, and her i-don't-think-she's-wearing-a-bra costume. wups! hihi!

tagal naman nung next.. pwede bang 3 hours lang ang pagitan? :)

aby said...

impatient, you are. much to be learned, there is....weird, i am....

(hay, di ko talaga ma-kaya tong si pareng Yoda...)

ricababes said...

hmmm...parang bagay sayo ang ganyang way ng pagsalita ha aby :D he he he

aby said...

shempre. idol ko yata si Mastah Yoda! which reminds me....kelangan ko nang i-practice gamitin ang Dahas (ok ba? Force...Dahas....hahaha!) ko. subukan ko lang i-levitate tong kotse ko... (this will definitely work very well during rush hour). >:)