Thursday, May 12, 2005

rock on!

i'm a bo bice fan.

while most of my friends have been rooting for constantine, i cheered for bo.

he has his own style. i like the way he injects rock and blues. he doesn't care what other people think. he takes the criticisms (particulary simon's) in stride. he acts cool and has a very positive attitude. during one episode, he admitted that he was there because of a certain bet he had w/ his mom (hahaha!).

i truly hope he'll bag the title. it's about time American Idol has its own rocker.

and to bo...rock on!

trivia: bo's full name is Harold Bice, Jr. no wonder he insists they call him bo! (^_^)


ricababes said...

uy, careful! baka ma-in love ka dyan... mahilig ka pa naman sa bo ;D i never did like that guy Constantine, he looks dangerous and sneaky. as far as i know, he waited till he is accepted in american idol before he told his bandmates that he is quitting?! the nerve! (hey, no offense meant to his fans...ha ha ha... that's just my 2 cents ...or making it 2 pesos!)

ricababes said...

ay correction! make it 2 pesos pala ;D

aby said...

ay, predictable na ba ako? hehehe ^_^

make that 10 pesos.... :p