Tuesday, May 10, 2005

the air down there

it was love at first sight.

there's no denying it.

definitely an instant adrenaline rush.

my pupils dilate, my breath catches, my heart stops beating, and my stomach flip-flops.

the whole shebang.


the Nike Air Max Down Low. in black.

the minute i saw these babies in the nike shop in megamall, i died. it's been a while since i felt this way towards a pair of shoes. (aah, the good ol' Celine days...)

whenever i'm in megamall (which is practically every week...hey, i do go to the gym), i just have to visit them. it's like my feet have a mind of their own and my mind is in a trance.

"Must. See. Shoes." over and over and over. just like a freaky mantra.

and everytime i cradle them in my hands, i get this feeling that someday, they will be mine.

yesterday, after my trip to the gym, i went straight to nike. yep, they're still there. waiting for me.

i took the shoe off the rack...and had a fabulous idea. why don't i ask for the other pair and...run for it??? oh wait. i'm talking about my fabulous and legal idea. so anyway, i was staring at the shoe and suddenly looked down.

i'm wearing rubber shoes. and socks.

i can actually fit the shoe.

and i did.

and it felt wonderful....and a bit loose.

i checked the lapel and, wonder of wonders, it was too big for me.

i can't believe i was obsessing over this shoe that can't even fit my feet in the first place. i didn't know if i should cry or laugh.

so i just left the building.

that was really pathetic.

shopping lesson number 1: try it before you obsess about it

but then...that wasn't the only nike store in the city...hhhmmm... :)

shopping lesson number 2: try and try until you die...or run out of cash, whichever comes first (ah, story of my life)

right now, i'm still wearing my trusty old reeboks. yes, it's old (and when i mean old, i mean ancient. i think they're turning 5 this year. *gasp!*). yes, it's reliable. i used to have much sentimental value over my rubber shoes, mainly because it's been with me for so long. and it actually endured all the beatings from going to the gym (hehe). but it's not the air max down low. that makes a huge difference.

but as they say, everything happens for a reason. i didn't have a size because...i didn't have money that time (and all the time, actually). i guess God was just saving me from a lifetime of agony and frustration.

now back to lesson 2....

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