Sunday, May 15, 2005

Episode I: a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

i'm a Star Wars baby.

i was two years old when the first SW installment was released (ok, ok. you can stop calculating my age now...). the minute i saw the light sabers,
luke skywalker, and yoda, i was hooked.

i cannot even begin to name my favorite scenes from the first trilogy (sorry to to all prequel fans but i still, and will always, love the classic trilogy). i can't remember how old i was when i first saw the 1977 film (i watched it at home w/ my family...thank God for Betamax. hehehe.). but young as i was then, i already knew i found my favorite movie of all time. of course, when i watched the last Return of the Jedi, i my list changed and THIS is now my favorite SW film. :)

for years, i always looked forward to watching the next SW release. just seeing the those first words on screen ("A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...") gives me chills. i mean, what can you NOT love about Star Was? it has everything you can look for in a great film: action, suspense, drama, romance, comedy, philosophy, religion, and even self-help (before Dr. Phil, there was Master Yoda. hehe.) and the characters and scenes were truly out of this world. this is the first film i saw that defied my laws of mortality as a child (e.g. when you die as a Jedi, you will be promoted to an immortal soul and ultimately become the conscience - ala Safeguard commercial - of the living Jedi).

the battle scenes and special effects were amazing, considering they made this in the '70s and early '80s. George Lucas is definitely a genius. oh wait. make that a creative genius. i can imagine him having sleepless nights just thinking about what kind of characters he wanted to have in his movie (where did he even get the word, jedi, in the first place??), what creatures they should have and in what episode to introduce them (the ewoks just had to be saved for the last film), the ships, locations, the robots, where to put the cliffhangers and jaw dropping revelations ("No. I am your father!"), and most importantly, how to transport Jabba the Hutt into his ship...

Episode III will be released this week, May 19. (woo-hoo!)

and, in true Star Wars fashion, i'm posting 6 blogs as my own tribute to the legendary classic. but instead of posting them 3 years apart (i'm not that patient!), i'm posting them every 3 DAYS. so be prepared for my views, ravings, rants, and just the plain proof of my lunacy over the most beloved trilogy of all-time.

oh, and if you haven't noticed, this is Episode I. :)


star said...

ehem, remember our 'eskapo' to the podium to catch SW4? hihihi! :)

aby said...

ahh, how can i forget? akalain mong hanggang ngayon e di pa rin alam nina doc at romy kung san lupalop tayo pumunta nun. hahaha! ( least i think they don't know...^_^)